Cloud Services

CLOUD SERVICES Make your business more efficient, responsive, and competitive by taking it to the cloud. No matter what your specific needs, TSTT offers a broad range of cloud services that provides the level of uptime, manageability, scalability and most importantly, accessibility you demand with end-to-end managed solution from blink/bmobile. Our Cloud-based services include:

IaaS (Infrastructure as a service) 

  • Data center space via racks/cages in a secured facility. 

PaaS (Platform as a service) 

  • Data Storage 
  • Large SAN’s (Storage Area Networks) 

SaaS (Software as a service) 

  • Google Apps for Business 
  • Data Back-up 
  • Video Conferencing Services

What is “Cloud”

“Cloud” is a metaphor used by the ICT companies for the delivery of computing requirements as a service to a homogeneous community of end-recipients. End users can access these cloud-based applications through a web browser, mobile apps or specific application devices, cloud allows for the business software and crucially your data to be stored on servers at a secure, resilient and remote location. Cloud based services ultimately give better performance and security at a lower cost per user than current premise based systems.