Directory Recycling Program 2014


Trinidad and Tobago is a land richly blessed with many natural resources; however those natural resources will eventually run out. According to SWMCOL as of 2011 the Beetham landfill which accounts for 65% of waste disposal will be filled in a couple of years. Therefore, careful management and the need to find alternatives to existing resources are becoming increasing important. 

Recycling, therefore, plays a vital role in the conservation of our scarce resources. Recycling conserves natural resources by turning waste into usable materials. It also saves energy and reduces greenhouse emissions. Every year TSTT produces over 500,000 telephone directories. 

These directories are printed on recycled paper and uses biodegradable ink that minimizes the impact of used books on the environment. Recycling these books will also have important environmental benefits.
According to Los Gatos, California’s Green Valley Recycling, recycling 500 telephone books saves:
  • Up to 31 trees
  • 7000 gallons of water
  • 4,100 kilowatts of electricity, enough to power an average U.S. home for six months
  • 3.3 cubic yards of landfill space
TSTT is actively interested in preserving environment, so in keeping with previous environmentally conscious efforts, TSTT is launching the blink |bmobile Directories Recycling Program 2014.

Program Details

The function of the program is to collect old telephone directories throughout Trinidad and Tobago in order to have them recycled. 
The intent is to engender in the youth of our nation a desire to protect the environment by recycling. It will also help business to be socially responsible by engaging in environmentally friendly acts. 
The program will focus on creating awareness of and developing interest in recycling in young people primarily by having them participate in the project at the school level (primary, secondary and tertiary) as well as businesses and the community assisting by boosting the schools’ collection count. The general public and TSTT staff will also be invited to participate.
  • Schools 
    To engender in students a sense of responsibility towards the environment through recycling. 

    The program will involve participating schools collecting old telephone directories for which they will receive $1 from the blink | bmobile Foundation for every book.  Schools can maximize their volumes by organizing collection drives among residents and businesses in the neighborhood.   

    Schools may email blink | bmobile at or call  741-3259 during the collection period to arrange collection of quantities exceeding 50.  
  • Businesses 
    Local Businesses wishing to support this environmental drive and assist schools in their efforts to participate/raise funds may do collection drives in their offices and make the necessary arrangements with the school of their choice.   This will increase the schools’ volumes thereby increasing their returns of $1 per book.

    Businesses may email blink | bmobile at or call  741-3259 during the collection period to arrange collection of quantities exceeding 50.  For every book returned, the blink | bmobile Foundation will donate $1 per book to the school of the businesses’ choice.

    For fewer quantities, they may be dropped off at blink | bmobile public offices listed below. These directories will be pooled and assigned to various schools participating in the drive to receive the benefit of $1 per book.  
  • The General Public
    The objective is to sensitize and motivate them to participate in recycling initiatives and understand its benefits. 
    The general public can deliver old directories directly to blink | bmobile Public Offices listed below.  These directories will be pooled and assigned to various schools which will receive $1 per book.
  • Storage Information
    Store directories in a clean, cool, dry place as books that are damp, soiled or have mildew cannot be accepted.
  • Campaign period
    The period of the campaign will start on Wednesday 12th March 2014 and end on Friday 2nd May 2014.
  • Collection Period
    Directories will be collected from schools and businesses where quantities exceed 50 during the campaign period.  Collection will end on Friday 9th May 2014.  Schools and businesses can deliver old directories, less than 50, directly to blink | bmobile Public Offices listed below.  Directories will be delivered to the Secure A Vibrant Environment (SAVE) Foundation for shipping to recycled paper processors. 
Public Office locations
  • Corner Chacon Street & Independence Square, Port of Spain
  • Level 2, The Falls West Mall, Westmoorings
  • Level 2, Trincity Mall, Trinity 
  • #18 Park Street, Port of Spain
  • #25-27 St. James Street, San Fernando 
  • #11-16 Peters Road, Point Fortin
  • Caroline Bldg, Wilson Road, Scarborough
  • #1 Old Southern Main Road, DSM Plaza, Chaguanas 
  • Corner Green & Queen Streets, Arima 
  • #112-114 Eastern Main Road, St. Augustine