Internet Shopping Facility

TSTT provides a total Internet shopping solution with the Republic/TSTT Visa Internet Shopping Facility Credit Card.

With the inclusion of services provided by UP Xpress, you can now enjoy reduced rates, hassle free shipping and delivery right to your door for purchases made online with the card.

The RBL/TSTT Visa Internet Shopping Facility is the first facility in Trinidad and Tobago designed exclusively for on-line Internet shopping. You can enjoy shopping online, earning Republic Bank bonus points, Free Travel Accident insurance coverage, card protector insurance and discounts on TSTT NetXpress dial-up packages.

The card is not a normal credit card, it does not have the magnetic strip and therefore cannot be used as a swipe card; it can only be used for on-line Internet shopping. Normal credit card purchases and cash are not accessible through this facility. The Internet Shopping facility is designed exclusively for TSTT NetXpress customers.

Bonus Points

You can earn valuable Republic 'Bonus Points' every time an online purchase is made. One (1) point for every TT$50.00/ US$15.00 spent. Cardholders with combined interest (TT$ interest/ US$ interest) of $400.00 or more during each quarter will earn 1.5 bonus points for every TT$50.00/ US$15.00 spent during the quarter.

TSTT NetXpress Internet Specials

Existing TSTT NetXpress customers will receive 15% on their monthly Internet 'dial-up' packages for the duration of their subscription (excess minutes and VAT not included).

New TSTT NetXpress customers who sign up for the service will receive

FREE activation

1 month's free rental on dial-up packages

15% discount on monthly Internet dial-up packages, (excess minutes and VAT are not included in the discount).


The RBL/TSTT Visa Internet Shopping facility is more secure than a regular credit card since it has:

  • A dedicated 24/7 fraud monitoring service
  • Lower credit limits that will offer you customer peace of mind while shopping online
  • International acceptance on the Internet

Application Fees

The Annual membership is $US15.00 per annum.

Other Benefits

UP Xpress delivery to your door for purchases made online.

Online registration and details for the UP Xpress delivery service are available through their website at You may also visit their office in Port-of-Spain at 74 Wrightson Rd. or in South at the Inner Mall Gulf City Shopping complex and pick up a registration form along with the terms of agreement.

Free Travel Accident Insurance - US$75,000 per person

Card Protector Insurance (Optional)

The card protector Insurance takes care of the balance in the event of disability or death. Premiums are minimal and based on outstanding balances at the time of billing. (It covers customers up to age 70).

If you require a change in your pre-approved limit or need further information on the service, please contact the Republic Bank Ltd Customer Services department at 627-3348.

For UpXpress Customer support or for further information call: 627-4877 Extensions: 24/31/ 32