Rakesh Goswami - EVP Government and Enterprise Services

Whenever you need to communicate either by voice, video, email, social media, or machine-to-machine, TSTT provides it all. We also develop and implement ICT, CLOUD and Application based solutions to ensure seamless, efficient and cost-effective operations.

We continue to provide and support traditional communications like landlines, PBX systems, broadband, mobile, security surveillance and network services. For more than 20 years TSTT has been the pioneer in Trinidad and Tobago for new services and solutions in keeping with our business customers’ needs.

Milestones in our evolution to becoming a 21st Century Solutions Provider :

  • Mobile Service(1991)
  • Internet Service(1995)
  • 4G Network (2010)
  • Video Conferencing Cloud (2012)

Along the way the network infrastructure evolved via international Optical Fiber connectivity, Next Generation Networks and conversion of core network from analogue to digital to IP-based.

We are the only one-stop, full-service communication service provider in Trinidad and Tobago with the most resilient, diverse, ubiquitous and modern network infrastructure.

With our cadre of certified professionals and friendly support staff, we will work with you to deliver and support customised communication solutions needed for the success of your business in a timely and effective manner.

With TSTT you have the assurance that we share your vision of efficiently managing the growth of your business.