1-3-1 is TSTT’s New Toll Free Hotline For Abused Kids

TSTT, CANTO and ChildLine are in the process of launching a new emergency hotline to help abused children. This initiative was announced yesterday as part of a series of activities commemorating World Telecommunications Day. TSTT is working with CANTO to set up 1-3-1, as a new toll-free Child Abuse Hotline. This new three-digit number is intended to replace the original 800 4321.

TSTT, in partnership with CANTO, is supporting ChildLine, a branch organisation of the Trinidad and Tobago Coalition against Domestic Violence, in their praiseworthy efforts to assist abused and at risk children in our society.

Recently, the unfortunate incidences of child abuse, some resulting in deaths, drove the point home that decisive measures were needed to assist and protect our precious resources. TSTT hopes that this new Hotline three-digit number, which was chosen because it is an easy-to-remember and easily accessed number, will go a long way in helping at risk children.

The honourable Eulalie James, Minister of State, Ministry of Community Development, Culture and Gender Affairs, delivered the feature address at the official WTD celebrations hosted by CANTO yesterday. Additionally, this year, World Telecommunications Day (WTD) carries extra significance, as the United Nations’ General Assembly has designated it as World Information Society day. TSTT, for the fourth year, is funding a six week Webpage Design course at UWI, to promote the use of the Internet among young people. This program is open to all NGOs, that focus on youth development, and members of the public.

TSTT is also supporting CANTO’s program to provide computers and Internet access to primary schools in “at risk communities”. TSTT will absorb all costs for one person to attend a “Train the Trainer” programme in Suriname on "How to design and set up an e-secured web based service". This person then would be required to train other persons on their return to their community.

TSTT’s Head of Marketing Communications, Ms. Amoy Van Lowe, said “Information Technology can revolutionise the care and support provided for young people. TSTT is proud to be at the forefront in making this technology universally available in Trinidad and Tobago”.