$100,000 makes a believer of Devan

Devan Harripersad and EVP Finance Gerard Cooper at TSTT celebrate Devan's win
Devan Harripersad and EVP Finance Gerard Cooper at TSTT celebrate Devan's win in the bmobile top up sweepstakes promotion

Port of Spain, Trinidad – November 8th, 2013

Each week, the stories of the bmobile You Get More Top Up Sweepstakes Promotion are as unique as the winners themselves; and the fifth $100,000 winner Devan Harripersad didn’t disappoint.

A 22-year old Tableland resident who works in the security field, Harripersad was so skeptical when bmobile officials called to inform him of his win that he deliberately remained subdued. The voice on the other end of the line sounded genuine and very convincing but he forced himself to harbor doubts about what the person was telling him. “I won $100,000.00?” The fact that he was exhausted and preparing to rest up for another long shift later that day made the whole experience even more surreal.

Despite all the details that Harripersad was given by bmobile, he couldn’t shake the feeling that maybe someone was playing a trick on him. As soon as he hung up the phone with the bmobile representative, he Googled the competition. “BINGO!! It’s real!! But am I really the winner?”
Harripersad remembered topping up $100 during the week so at the very least he allowed himself to believe that he had qualified to win. It came back to him also that he did see a text message confirming that he had qualified for the draw. However being a skeptic he still was not convinced. “$100,000 cannot just fall in my lap just like that. There must be more to this.”

Even after a follow up call from bmobile that lead to him agreeing on when and where to meet to collect his winnings, Harripersad remained doubtful almost to the end. His doubts gave way to absolute delight as he entered the TSTT Head office lobby to the sight of his cheque and several welcoming bmobile representatives who generously congratulated him. “It’s really happening. I won!”

He joked that his mother told him to call her to confirm that his win was true and that call sparked off another rounds of celebrations.
After he was presented with his cheque from Gerard Cooper, TSTT’s EVP Finance, Harripersad shared his thoughts on his good luck, noting that opportunities to win a substantial amount of money are rare and so he felt fortunate. Harripersad’s plans for his $100,000 include shopping for electronics -- his passion; and investing for the future. With this win under his belt, he was more optimistic now about the possibility that he could continue topping up with bmobile and win the one million dollars grand prize in the sweepstakes.

The bmobile Top Up Sweepstakes promotion gives customers the chance to win $100,000 weekly and qualify for the grand prize of $1,000,000 in December simply by putting a lump sum of one hundred dollars on their account, making a series of smaller top ups that add up to one hundred dollars. In the case of postpaid customers, they receive entries when paying their bills on time or signing up for any of the new postpaid plans.
The promotion runs until December 31 and Harripersad has been the fifth customer to date to win one hundred thousand dollars.


       1. Devan Harripersad and EVP Finance Gerard Cooper at TSTT celebrate Devan's win in the bmobile top up sweepstakes promotion
       2. Devan is now a believer after he became the fifth weekly winner of $100,000 in bmobile top up sweepstakes promotion