2013 TELE-GATHERERS to touch down in Trinidad

Caption: Kurt Liverpool addressing the TELE-GATHERERS 2012 tour group in Antigua

They are the kind of guests that get welcomed with open arms by the hosts of any country they visit. The hundreds of men and women that make up the Caribbean TELE-GATHERERS are mainly telecom industry professionals who for the past 18 years have dedicated themselves to helping to make a difference in each member country that they visit every year.

The groups’ presence translates into a micro stimulus for local industries in craft, hospitality, tourism and culture as well as the underprivileged. “The last time Trinidad and Tobago hosted the group was in 2000. This is a huge honour and a logistics challenge but the benefits to the country far outweigh the challenges we will face as the local organising group” said TSTT’s Kurt Liverpool – T&T TELE-GATHERERS Leader. With the support of sponsors - TSTT Huawei, Blackberry and ERP Consultants and support from TATT, CWU, Ministry of Arts & Multiculturalism, Antel, 3M and CANTO, Liverpool is confident that the 2013 TELE-GATHERING happening in Trinidad over the Easter weekend will be a success.

Liverpool, a Senior Professional Network Quality and Performance at TSTT, was among the founding members that started the TELE-GATHERING movement as far back as 1994. The group has grown from just 3 participating countries to 13. “The 200 to 300 telecoms professionals in the group make it a point to ensure that when they visit each member country, hotels, local crafts and culture as well as local entertainment are heavily patronised” said Liverpool. Also as a must, a special day is set aside to do community building or social work so that in some way they bring some improvement to underprivileged groups.

For the Trinidad tour Liverpool and his team will restage the early morning Jouvert and Canboulay procession with traditional mas characters. They will also create a craft market at Cipriani College of Labour  & Cooperative Studies  where vendors from the cruiseship complex will be able to show and sell their T&T memorabilia. One of the key events is a ‘family’ day for over 200 young people from children’s’ homes and schools where the TELE-GATHERERS will bring their message of Community, Culture and Camaraderie to plant a seed of hope and happiness in the youngsters.  The group will also take in the sights, sounds and flora and fauna at the Valencia Eco Resort.

If it sounds like a lot to pack into just 4 days, don’t worry, that is exactly how TELE-GATHERERS roll. “In all of the countries, the reception for this event is always fantastic. There is public excitement and senior company executives and Government Ministers get involved” said Liverpool. It is estimated that attendance will be over 250 members from St Vincent, Grenada, St Kitts & Nevis, St Lucia, Jamaica, British Virgin Islands, Anguilla, Turks and Caicos, Barbados, Guyana, and Antigua.

The beauty of TELE-GATHERING is its ability to unite the territories, not only through a common bond of telecommunications, but also through an appreciation for the culture, fare, dialects and all those things that make us uniquely Caribbean.

TELE-GATHERING XVIII is shaping up to be quite the spectacle and Liverpool and his team are pulling out all the stops to make the Trinidad and Tobago 2013 experience so memorable it will set a new benchmark for TELE-GATHERING.