Android apps on BlackBerry devices - Best of Both Worlds

BlackBerry device with Android apps - ideal combination for the business minded individual

A smart phone without apps is merely a cell phone. The sole purpose of a mobile device is no longer to send and receive calls and text messages. Today, mobile devices have become smart phones; retaining its initial function while doubling as a personal assistant, entertainment hub, fitness trainer and even baby sitter. While slimmer, lighter and overall more aesthetically appealing hardware reflect the progress of technology, it is the rapid development of relevant software applications that has changed the face of communications. Mobile applications, commonly called “apps”, enable users to add functionality to their devices and customize it to their individual preferences. Apps are essentially the central nervous system of any smart device so when Blackberry users complained of limits to the apps available, the Canadian telecommunications company modified their product to grant BlackBerry-10 users the ability to directly download and install over one million Android applications.

To satisfy the needs of virtually every customer, blink | bmobile carries the full range of operating systems including BlackBerry, Android and iOS. Although BlackBerry may have introduced consumers to the concept of a smart phone, it is common knowledge that the current mobile market is a tight race between Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS. However, with its durability, stellar security system and ability to protect the most sensitive information, BlackBerry remains the leading choice of smart phone for large corporations and the business minded individual.

Prior to Android apps being made available in a hassle free manner, BlackBerry users had to endure the task of converting the app whereas now they can simply download and install similar to any Android device. While this feature was completely ignored in BlackBerry’s official media release, blink | bmobile opted to publicize the new provisions in an effort to educate users on the new ways their device can serve them. Kashif Greaves, Marketing Analyst at blink | bmobile noted, “Even though Samsung and iPhones are increasingly popular, it is not our mission to force consumers to adopt specific behavioural patterns. A BlackBerry was probably the first smart phone owned by many of our customers; this gives BlackBerry a unique appeal. There is not only the issue of brand loyalty but a sense of nostalgia associated with these devices.”

Greaves added that customers should not have to compromise brand loyalty for functionality. BlackBerry has a device tailored to suit every user; from touch screens to keypads and track pads. Having Android apps available on this platform, users can still enjoy the perks of a BlackBerry device and not be excluded from the Android world. Many believe BlackBerry is on the verge of a major comeback and allowing Android apps to be easily installed is a precursor to the company regaining major market share. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, BlackBerry CEO, John Chen, stated that the strength of Android does not lie in the quality of the phone unlike BlackBerry. “We have a great BlackBerry Messenger experience, a great operating system and BlackBerry is (still) the most secure phone.

Secure not only in data but in personal identity,” said Mr. Chen. The CEO of the former leading company also added that BlackBerry runs 98% of all Android apps. The ability to download and install Android apps is only available on BlackBerry 10 devices and although the company is going through a transformative stage, BlackBerry devices can adequately serve the needs of virtually every end user.