Android lovers make Bmobile Samsung S4 launch a sold out success

The look says it all, the Galaxy S4 caused quite a stir at the launch in bmobile
The look says it all, the Galaxy S4 caused quite a stir at the launch in bmobile West Mall

Scores of enthusiastic customers flocked to the West Mall branch of bmobile on Saturday for the official launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4 which resulted in a sold out launch in less than three hours.

The mobile device, slightly lighter and thinner than its predecessor, comes equipped with a 5-inch SuperAMOLED touchscreen that has 1920x1080p resolution and boasts a host of other unique features including dual camera, sound and shot and group play. The S4 uses a drop-down notification menu giving users easy on/off controls for a vast number of settings, minimising the number of steps needed to make regular adjustments and ensuring users can stay in control of their device.

The S4 has both speech-to-text (speech recognition) and text-to-speech (speech synthesis) capabilities allowing the user to communicate in eight different languages including Spanish, German, Italian, Korean and French.

Speaking at the launch, Executive Vice President (AG) Bmobile Services and Operations, Ronald Walcott, said the mobile penetration in Trinidad and Tobago had grown to 142 per cent and stated that the telecommunications provider continues to bridge the digital gap by offering customers the latest in both technology and service.

“We are very excited about this launch,” he said. “On this device, you are going to see things that will blow your mind. This is the continuation of our 4G development. The world is going smart phones and Trinidad and Tobago is becoming on par with the rest of the world. ”
Walcott said bmobile remains the only local service provider that can boast of partnerships with Blackberry, Apple and Samsung. Sales of the Samsung S4, he said, had already exceeded expectations. “I am already being told that sales are excellent,” he said.

With over 50 Bzones throughout the country, Walcott said bmobile is leading the way in innovation and prides itself on giving customers the best plans, innovations and value for money.

Customers at the launch were given a first-hand experience of the S4 with Samsung representatives present to answer questions and display the many features of the latest flagship Samsung smartphone .

Sandra Khal, 52, described the Samsung S4 in one word—“wow!”  Khal said the mobile phone which competes against other smartphones on the market seems to have lived up to the hype and was the best on the local market with mind-blowing tech savvy features, like the 13-megapixel camera.

She added, “I love it. This will be the first Samsung phone that I will be buying. I love the clarity of the photos and how it adapts to you and not the other way around.”

Aurora Guerrini, 15 shared similar sentiments. Stating that she “definitely wants one,” Guerrini said she will be asking her mother for the Samsung Galaxy S4 as a belated birthday gift.

“I really like the double camera feature and how light it is. I have to have one,” she stated.
According to Ronaldo Gomez, 35, the S4 is “surprisingly great” light and compact. He said the mobile phone was a step in the right direction for Samsung as it had the best features on the market.

“I have another smart phone now but I’m thinking of getting the Galaxy S4. I think the features and graphics are much better,” he added.
 The Samsung Galaxy S4, available in black or white, can be purchased at bmobile stores and authorised dealers nationwide.