Be Unlimited this Carnival

Greek mythology speaks of the fabled unlimited cornucopia horn that fed the father of the gods, Zeus. It supplied him with unending food and drink as he grew from a baby into a young child.

Fast forward to Trinidad and Tobago, Carnival 2018 when two gods of retail get together and bring their version of the cornucopia horn – bmobile’s Unlimited Cup that gives its owner Free Pepsi refills at an KFC restaurant! Plus, the chance to win fete tickets, spa vouchers and other great prizes weekly.

The Unlimited Cup is the brain child of Camille Campbell, TSTT Vice President Marketing.

“We were looking for a unique way to reach our customers during Carnival,” said Camille Campbell, “Whatever it was going to be, it had to be impactful, it had to really catch their attention. And then it hit me as I drove past a KFC restaurant one night.”

Ms. Campbell then went on to contact Simon Hardy, KFCTT’s Vice President whom she described as a visionary immediately warmed to her idea and thus the Unlimited Cup is born.

KFC Marketing Manager, Jillian Kalloo-Escayg commented that the Unlimited Cup will bring much needed refreshment this Carnival.

“KFC Proudly serving Trinidad and Tobago for the past 44 years, KFC is accessible throughout the nation with our 57 restaurants. This Carnival, we are excited to partner with bmobile and Pepsi to bring you this Unlimited thirst quenching offer! You can now get free refills on qualifying purchases with the bmobile Unlimited cup promotion and keep hydrated this Carnival!”

Who can take possession of the Unlimited Cup?

·       all new and existing prepaid customers who purchase the bmobile Unlimited Month Plan

·       all bmobile residential customers who sign up for any Fiber Triple Connect plan

·       new customers who sign up for the bmobile Postpaid Unlimited Plan


Where can the cup be used?

Simply present your bmobile Unlimited Cup to the cashier and purchase any meal from KFC that

already includes one 16oz drink.

Specifically: Supa Deal, 3 Wing combo, Big Meal Deal, Dinner Special, Cruncher and Zinger Combo, Popcorn Chicken Combo, Fill Up Box, Big Bite Box, Pop Star Box.

Refills are Unlimited during the promotion.

To qualify for weekly prizes customers must register using the following steps:

·       Download any QR Code Reader App in Google Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOs)

·       Scan the QR Code located on the bmobile Unlimited Cup

·       Register

Once registered you will be eligible to win weekly prizes which you will be informed

of via a text message or email.


The promotion runs from January 19, 2018 to February 28, 2018.