Beetham Gardens Children’s Magic Wall brings the dreams of the community to life

These beautiful smiles and happy faces reflect a promising future

“The children of the Beetham are brilliant’ ‘A good life’ ‘I am going to be a doctor, a pilot, a teacher, a soldier, a great footballer’ ‘We are respectful, kind, loving and we stand strong against all abuses’. These are some of the messages painted by (35) children from Phase 1 to 6 Beetham Gardens on a 350ft long mural painted on the wall at back of the TSTT Laventille Work Centre in Phase 5 Beetham Gardens along the Priority Bus Route. The Beetham Gardens Children's Magic Wall is the longest mural in the Caribbean and is a vivid work of public art which features messages developed by the children on children’s rights, child protection, and the dreams the children have for themselves and their community. The colorful Mural is the culmination of a year-long programme from July 2013 to June 2014 conducted by local NGO Create.Future.Good to bring awareness of children’s rights through creative and art-based activities and projects. The blink I bmobile Foundation is a proud sponsor of the programme, in this case by making the wall for the mural available.

The ‘Create Public Art’ programme exposed the (35) children and their parents to children’s rights (the UN Convention on the Rights of a Child) with a focus on a child’s right to expression. Nadella Riley, Founder/Director of Create.Future.Good explained “The programme is not just about the Magic Wall. The wall is however the end of the year-long programme which started with a 2-week workshop where we taught the children about their rights, about child protection, if someone is abusing you, hurting you, harming you, what to do.” Riley continued “As part of the programme we encouraged the children to express in their own thoughts how they felt about child abuse and child protection, as well as what things they wanted to see changed within their community. The messages and dreams painted on the wall are those that the children came up with for themselves and for the Beetham Community.”

The ‘Create Public Art’ workshop is jointly sponsored by the Ministry of National Security’s Citizen Security Programme and the Inter-Agency Task Force, the Beetham gardens Community Action Council, Kaleidoscope Paints, Creative Joint and the blink I bmobile Foundation. Riley noted “I wish to especially thank the blink I bmobile Foundation for believing in and supporting the Beetham Community. The children wanted to paint the wall at the back of the TSTT Laventille Work Centre and TSTT readily provided their support by allowing the children to use the wall.” Riley continued, “The location of the wall is ideal for the Mural, as it facilitates maximum exposure of the children’s messages to not only the Beetham Gardens Community, but also to the wider population as they travel daily along the Priority Bus Route.”

Natasha Davis, TSTT’s Executive Vice President Marketing noted, “We share a special connection with the people of the Laventille Community and we are always proud to support initiatives like these which allow us to make a direct impact within their community. We are grateful that the children chose to use our wall since we feel this signifies the bond we have with the Beetham Community. We will continue to support them as best as we can as they move forward shaping a better future for themselves.”

The (35) children collected their Certificate of Participation on June 14th 2014 during a brief function held to launch the Magic Wall and review the work done over the year. The children were also presented with art packs so they could continue to express their thoughts and dreams through art. The children from Phase 1 to 6 Beetham Gardens have indeed painted a brighter future for themselves and their community.

Certificates of participation were presented to the young participants.

The Children proudly stand in front of the mural.