Blink – “Tomorrow begins today”

Acting CEO George Hill said the incredible speed of 1 gig access opened a whole new realm of potential for homes, businesses and state agencies.
Blink recently celebrated the country’s first Gigabit Community in Legacy Housing Development Chaguanas at a time when there are very few gigabit communities anywhere in the world. But what is a gigabit community?
A gigabit community is created by serving residents in a neighbourhood with fiber optic connections straight up to and into their homes and configuring the network so that that fiber optic access pipe delivers access speeds of up to one gigabit per second (Gbps)!
One Gbps is equivalent to downloading 100 million characters of text in one second. In terms of how people use data, you can stream, without buffering, at least 5 High-Definition videos at the SAME TIME on a 1Gb connection while still having room to email and surf the web.
With a one gigabit connection, in one second you can download: 1250 basic webpages,  125,000 basic emails or download approximately 25 songs. There is no other way to describe it, Gigabit access is FAST!
But who needs to download 125,000 emails in one second? The more important benefit is how much more can you do? 1 Gbps can support home automation which uses technology to make everyday tasks in the home (or office) simpler, safer, or less expensive by managing lighting, alarms, automated locks and doors and energy efficiency.  . The inexhaustible Wi-Fi sharing in a home, which is possible with one Gbps means not just computers and tablets can be used but a whole range of Wi-Fi enabled smart appliances and fixtures. One Gbps access also supports any type of multimedia applications, gaming or videoconferencing and still leaves room for much more simultaneous business and recreational applications to be used by others without downgrading the broadband access experience of any users in the home.
The ideology behind a gigabit community goes far beyond that however. It is a future focused strategy that powers the home and office for the technologies that already exist and is a foundation for the technologies that are yet to come. Super-fast gigabit networks are not just a matter of consumer convenience however, it was essential to national competitiveness, economic growth and even employment creation. It also serves as an inducement for foreign direct investment because capital is attracted by places with the strongest innovation infrastructure. 
When dial-up Internet was all the rage, few people were thinking about 1 Mbps (Megabits per second) connections. Today 1 Mbps is the starting point for Internet users and the faster speeds meant that websites were designed to convey more dynamic, engaging and info-filled content. Simply put, faster internet speeds have been a catalyst for innovation. Blink sees fast reliable broadband as a huge catalyst for improving the quality of life on a national level. It can impact the adoption of telecommuting, increase productivity and result in fewer vehicles on the road at peak times. It can stimulate entrepreneurs in home offices, new job creation and more local commerce. Fast, reliable, data access can also mean better quality tele-health from the convenience of a patient’s home or more immersive and impactful distance education experiences and the attendant lower cost of getting an education. 
Acting CEO at TSTT George Hill said, “If you look at what we thought was satisfactory 10 years ago for computer speeds, memory, websites, applications, devices and the like, you quickly realise that compared to today, 10 years ago was almost like the Stone Age. Today, while we can scarcely imagine what gigabit connectivity can inspire, we do know that through these proof-of-concept projects, Trinidad and Tobago will be more than ready WHEN, not IF, it becomes a norm.”
Blink’s technology partner CALIX, played a key role in many of the gigabit communities that have been deployed in the USA and was essential to the Legacy Housing Gigabit Community project. Their experience and shared vision for the development of Trinidad and Tobago was invaluable. At the same time, Blink’s engineers had an epiphany of sorts, visualizing the direction of the brand and what is needed to satisfy the customer of tomorrow because as Blink / bmobile is fond of saying “Tomorrow begins today”.
The 5 year strategic plan for Blink / bmobile marries the vision for the company’s and the country’s technology future, with the aspirations citizens to have greater self determination and ease of using our enabling technology to live better lives. Looking ahead therefore, Blink is committed to being the brand that has a proven expertise in launching suitable gigabit communities throughout Trinidad and Tobago and is keen to bring many more similar success stories in the future.