blink | bmobile and Keshorn Walcott Inspire Maracas St Joseph R.C Graduates

He may have had an Olympic gold medal under his belt at only 19 years of age - the youngest Javelin thrower to do so - but at the Maracas St Joseph R.C School’s Standard Five Graduation ceremony on Friday, Keshorn Walcott assured the eager graduates that he was no different from them.

Walcott was the guest speaker at the event, courtesy the blink | bmobile Foundation, which made it possible for the national hero and blink | bmobile endorsee to share a few words of encouragement with the students who would be entering Secondary School this September. He did not disappoint! In his usual humble manner, Walcott delivered his featured address that gave three ‘Gs’ of advice which he himself follows every day. The first; Growth, the second; Gratitude and the third; God.

As he went into detail, he explained that like them, at this point in their lives, he often found himself in unfamiliar situations which seemed to be intimidating at first, but which he eventually conquered by the use of the three Gs. “You may know me as an Olympic gold medalist, but truth be told, I just went to the Olympics for the experience. I was just a 19-year-old boy, my technique wasn’t good, my skills weren’t the best,” he began. “But I practiced every day till my body hurt so much I had to take ice baths at the end of it, and then still woke up the next day to practice and became the youngest gold medal winner in javelin at the Olympic Games.”

‘Growth’ he said, kept him pushing every day to become better and better as he learned from his failures along the way. “The next few years of your life will determine your future, so in those few years, find what you are good at and what you like to do and I can assure you, if you practice, you can be anything you want to be,” offered Walcott. “And don’t be afraid of failure, failure is part of life, at first you may not succeed, but then you have to try and try again.” In fact, the audience were treated to a true example of growth and the power of trying again, when one of the students, who was asked to sing a song as part of the ceremony, left the stage with a bit of stage fright, but returned shortly after, with the support of her classmates, to finish her rendition of ‘Let it Go’ from the movie Frozen. Not only did it drive Walcott’s point home, but also emphasized what school principal, Denise Gordon proudly shared just moments early about the values such as team work and self confidence that the school devoted energies to developing in their students. Walcott then urged the young minds to be grateful for both the good and bad that came their way. “When you appreciate the people and things you have in life, you will be amazed at the wonderful surprises you get in return,” said Walcott. “Try to say thank you more often, say it with every step and with every prayer.”

Finally, he advised them that as they moved forward, they should stay close to God; “the source of all things. He is the reason why we are all here, so thank God in all that you do.” After the ceremony, Kevin Peters, the proud teacher of the graduating class, expressed his gratitude towards blink | bmobile for arranging to have Walcott speak, describing it as the icing on the cake at the ceremony. “Keshorn was really the icing on the cake for that whole graduation ceremony,” shared Peters. “The children were really looking forward to him coming and the fact that he came and stayed for the entire ceremony meant so much to them. This is a day they will all remember forever. ”