blink | bmobile and United Way show how much they care

Some of the blink | bmobile staff volunteers gathered at the United Way, Day of Caring 2014

United Way’s annual Day of Caring — Fun and Sports continues to be one of the highlights of the year for children’s homes on the island. Four hundred children from 16 children’s homes enjoyed a carefree day, on Sunday, under the watchful care of volunteers from companies that support the work of United Way.

Zach Pantin, Marketing and Events Officer for United Way, explained that staff from 12 companies, whose employees make monthly donations from their salaries to help with United Way’s work, volunteered for the annual fun day, held at Republic Bank’s Sports Club in Barataria.

Among the companies whose staff lent a hand was blink | bmobile. Fifty blink | bmobile staff members turned out to make the day a special one for these disadvantaged children and were seen assisting and supervising the children as they enjoyed the bouncy castles, played football, and cricket. The children also enjoyed spending time with volunteers watching a Muppet concert and a Spider Man movie. Some also took rides on ponies that were provided.

TSTT’s Executive Vice President – Marketing, Natasha Davis, said that through the blink I bmobile Foundation, the staff of blink | bmobile will have the privilege of giving back to the community whenever they learn of a need. “We take pride in nurturing a corporate culture where service to others takes priority in our day-to-day operations. And our staff continues to make us proud by their willingness to lend a helping hand. We believe that as a company we have a lot in common with United Way.”

Cecile King-McLean, a blink | bmobile employee who was assisting with the bouncy castle, said that for her there was “an emotional part” to volunteering since “I have nothing to gain from it. I am just helping and assisting because I can.” Ms. King-McLean said there is a strong culture of volunteerism at blink | bmobile. “They will call and tell us or circulate an email informing us that there is a need. It is up to the individual to help if they want to.”

blink | bmobile employee Debra Nicholas-Brizan added, “The blink I bmobile Foundation asks for volunteers from among the employees and the response is always a good one.”

The Trinidad branch of United Way provides funds to NGOs that work with abused or disabled children and battered women, said Mr. Pantin. It also provides funds for NGOs that promote music literacy and for helping with the diagnosis and treatment of children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, among other causes.

Gloria Byng-Cornwall, the manager of Raffa House, which had 14 children aged six to 18 in attendance, said that the fun day was important for another reason besides giving the caretakers a chance to relax and the children the chance to run free and have fun. “The children get the opportunity to see these people who work hard when the day comes and give up some of their money every month so that there is money for the caretakers to come to work,” she said.

Ahoy Matey! blink | bmobile employee and this youngster have fun at the United Way , Day of Caring 2014 as they get decked off as pirates

Having fun in the sun… blink | bmobile staff and this little lady take a moment to show off their glowing smiles at the United Way, Day of Caring 2014

Having fun together… blink | bmobile staff spends some quality time with this youngster as they bond at United Way, Day of Caring 2014

Just chilling together looking cool at the United Way, Day of Caring 2014