blink | bmobile Brand Ambassador Keshorn Walcott provides inspirational advice to students

Blink bmobile brand ambassador - Keshorn Walcott
Blink bmobile brand ambassador - Keshorn Walcott interacting with some of the students during the personal development exercises

Port of Spain, Trinidad – October 22nd, 2013

“I’ve met many people who have told me negative things, but I combated all the negativity
by learning to believe in myself. Once I know I can do something, no one will make me feel
differently.” This was some of the advice imparted by blink | bmobile Brand Ambassador and
2012 Olympic Gold Medal Javelin Thrower Keshorn Walcott to the Standard Five students and
Secondary School students attending the La Brea Development Foundation’s 2013 seminar
titled “Conquering Your Challenges On The Road To Success”.

The Personal Development Seminar for students from La Brea and the surrounding areas was
held on Saturday 19th October, 2013 at the Point Fortin East Secondary School. Other
motivational Speakers included radio personality, Garth St Clair and Fitzgerald Jeffrey, past
principal of Palo Seco Secondary School.

The day proved to be an inspiring one for the students who benefitted from personal
development and team exercises, as well as one on one sessions with Keshorn Walcott
throughout the seminar. Ms Jillian Nathaniel, a teacher at Holy Name Convent Point Fortin
noted, “It was good to have Keshorn here in person to tell the students how he worked hard
and denied himself many things to reach the finals to represent Trinidad and Tobago, and to
capture the gold medal for the country.” Nathaniel continued, “Point Fortin's youth and
aspiring athletes were inspired by Keshorn's accounts of his personal challenges and by his
invaluable advice on overcoming similar obstacles.”

Kerisse Purcell, a Holy Name Convent Point Fortin student agreed. Kerisse was inspired by
Keshorn Walcott to become a javelin thrower for her school and the St Patrick District. She
was quite thrilled at the opportunity to meet him in person and shared that Keshorn
encouraged her to focus on herself, exercise and be fit, and assured her that she too could
bring home a gold medal for Trinidad and Tobago if she put her mind to it.

Another student, Christoph Dells of Point Fortin West Secondary School indicated “I learned
from Keshorn that everything I have to achieve does not come easy in life. Do my studies and
never touch drugs because that could destroy my whole life. Don’t be laidback with school
work and apply myself.” There were many similar sentiments expressed by other students.

At the end of the seminar Keshorn Walcott thanked the La Brea Development Foundation
and blink | bmobile for the invitation to talk to the students, noting that they are our future.
Addressing the students he stated, “I would like each of you to remember that no matter
what your circumstances, where you live or what position you are in, keep focussed and do
your best and someday it will work out and you will be successful.”

As a co contributor of the La Brea Development Foundation’s 2013 seminar, blink | bmobile
arranged for the participation of Keshorn Walcott, as well as provided exciting give aways to
the students, their parents and teachers.

The attending Primary Schools were Rousillac Presbyterian School, Brighton Anglican School,
Vance River RC School, Salazar Trace Government Primary School, Rancho Quemado
Government Primary School, Palo Seco Government Primary School, Beach Camp Primary
School, Santa Flora Anglican School, Point Fortin AC School, and Buenos Aires Government
Primary School.

The Secondary Schools were Vessigny Government Secondary School, Palo Seco Government
Secondary School, Holy Name Convent Point Fortin, Point Fortin East Secondary School,
Point Fortin West Secondary School, Cedros Composite School, Irie High School and St
Benedict’s College.


1. blink | bmobile Brand Ambassador and Olympic Gold Medallist Keshorn Walcott
interacting with some of the students during the personal development exercises
2. Left to right  Keshorn Walcott imparts advice to Christoph Dells, Akeem Barriteau and
Josiah Leon