blink | bmobile Foundation and Customers on social media support Living Water Children’s Ministry upgrade

The newly refurbished library at the Living Water Children’s Ministry
The blink | bmobile Foundation reinforced its commitment to assisting those responsible for the welfare of the nation’s children by aiding in the upgrade of one of the buildings used by a Ministry within the Living Water Community that focuses on children in need. The Living Water Children’s Ministry upgrade was set in motion to fulfill requirements stipulated in the Children’s Act, which all Children’s Homes must now meet. 
blink | bmobile’s Executive Vice President Marketing, Natasha Davis explained that the blink | bmobile Foundation understands the importance of the work which Living Water undertakes. “Their unrelenting efforts to ensure that the children they help are afforded the opportunity to live in a safe, healthy environment so that they can focus on being the best that they can be are commendable.” Davis went on to state that the Foundation had no doubt about supporting such a cause. “They seek to accomplish the same goal as our Foundation and we saw our help could make a difference.” 
Davis explained that supporting this project was part of the blink | bmobile “Start It” Campaign for Carnival 2014. In that promotion, blink | bmobile customers were encouraged to share pictures and tweets about their Carnival experience via social media. For each social media post customers made, a sum was pooled for the benefit of a local NGO involved with child care and development. 
Over 1500 stories were shared via social media and SMS by customers who wanted to help the cause. 
Living Water Ministry coordinator, Heather Pierre explained that the cost of upgrading their building, which was not originally designed for such purposes, was quite exorbitant. In order to meet the prescribed standards detailed by OSHA, the Ministry of Health, Fire Services and the Children’s Authority Body, Children’s Homes must ensure that their premises are equipped with certain features, including fire extinguishers, evacuation plans, security doors, separate male and female bathrooms, and proper storage and kitchen facilities, to name a few. As such, assistance was requested from Corporate T&T. 
The funds they received, according to Pierre, will go towards the refurbishment of the facility, to include security doors, fire extinguishers, upgraded storage spaces and other upgrades as outlined by the Children’s Authority Body. Pierre thanked blink | bmobile for their support, explaining that the undertaking could not be done without assistance like this. She emphasized that the contribution helped to ensure the continuation of a much-needed service in T&T. 
Refurbished library equipped with toys and games