blink | bmobile Foundation and ERHA encourage youths to be active

A much-anticipated event - Students from secondary schools in the North Eastern Education District come together to compete.
Promoting healthy lifestyles from a young age; that is the objective of the 15th annual Secondary School Aerobic Burnout hosted by the Eastern Regional Health Authority with the support of the blink | bmobile Foundation for yet another year. 
This event is one of many initiatives planned during April , the month of Health Promotion as designated by the Ministry of Health and it is aimed at encouraging youngsters to participate in regular physical activities as a way of life, and achieving and maintaining healthy weight. 
The burnout takes place at the North Eastern College Auditorium on Wednesday, 30th April 2014, from 9a.m. to 12p.m. 
blink | bmobile has been supporting the Secondary School Aerobic Burnout for over 11 years. Graeme Suite, TSTT’s Acting Head of Public Relations and External Affairs, said that the burnout’s goal fits ideally with the work of the blink I bmobile Foundation and one of its areas of commitment: the development of our nation’s youth through projects promoting healthy living via participation in sports. “It is very important to us to ensure that the young people of our nation are given the opportunity to perform at their best as they prepare to lead our country, and encouraging them to live healthy lives will help achieve this.” Mr. Suite said. 
The concern is a valid one, since, according to information on the website of the Ministry of Health of Trinidad and Tobago, “The 2010 survey of Body Mass Index (BMI), conducted by the Caribbean Food and Nutrition Institute (CFNI/PAHO) for the Ministry of Health, revealed that childhood obesity is on the rise in Trinidad and Tobago. Approximately a quarter of primary and secondary school age children, (24.6%), in Trinidad and Tobago are overweight or obese.” 
The website noted that school-aged children are increasingly being diagnosed with Type II Diabetes, the form of diabetes that typically begins in adulthood. Obesity and overweight are risk factors for this type of diabetes. 
Compounding the problem are the sedentary types of recreation many young people are involved in today, such as surfing the Web and playing mobile and video games. The problem of crime may also be a factor, since many parents now prefer to keep their children indoors, rather than leaving them outside to engage in physical games. 
The ERHA Secondary School Aerobic Burnout is open to all secondary schools in the North Eastern Education District, spanning from Matelot to Arima. Over seventeen schools have been invited to take part and challenge the winning school for 2013, Toco Composite, which will be defending its title this year.
When the competition first started, it was open to schools in the St. Andrew/St. David County. However, over the past two years, the competition has encompassed all the secondary schools in the North Eastern Education District. 
The ERHA Secondary School Aerobic Burnout involves participants doing aerobics until all but one person has “burned out” or quit due to exhaustion. The last person to still be performing aerobics at the end of the competition is the winner of the aerobic burnout competition. The students who participate in the competition undergo several hours of preparation prior to the day of the competition. 
Students will put their fitness and endurance to the test.