blink | bmobile Foundation encourages reading as it donates e-Readers to Schools

Mr. George Hill, Acting CEO, blink | bmobile reads to one of his childhood favorite books; Gulliver’s travels using one of the eBooks provided blink | bmobile by to the students of Couva Anglican Primary School
”The future is interactive.” This is what blink | bmobile’s CEO George Hill thought when he decided to launch the new, potentially far-reaching programme of assistance, “Tomorrow starts today”. This new initiative will see the blink | bmobile Foundation supporting 12 schools in the current school year to bridge the digital divide. 
Couva Anglican Primary School is the second beneficiary of this new programme as Mr Hill, recently officially handed over 10 new Kindle e-reader tablets to the school’s library, complete with a black case, and already loaded with a variety of books likely to appeal to children.
As he browsed the titles loaded on the e-readers, Hill recommended “Gulliver’s Travels” to a group of pupils from Standards 2 & 3. While the boys expressed a liking for “Famous Five” and other adventure stories, the girls were all reading a book called “Angel Cake,” a story about fitting in and friendship, while one was also reading “The Smelliest Day at the Zoo.” 
Thanking Hill and the Foundation for the e-readers, School Principal Peter Padmore noted that not everyone liked books and it was important to encourage children to read by tapping into what they’re interested in. Library Assistant Kanika Kirton confirmed that the pupils were more interested in reading on the tablets than regular books. 
As for the pupils themselves, their reasons for preferring the e-readers included: “You don’t have to lift up a heavy book.” “You don’t have to flip pages.” “You don’t strain your eyes.” “You can carry more books.” Imagine, responded Hill: “You can now carry a whole library in the palm of your hand.” 
Senior Teacher Thecla Huggins-Stanley said she would like to see this digital library include more Caribbean literature and local children’s stories. 
As the Foundation continues to assist schools, Hill said schools from even the far-reaching points of Trinidad and Tobago will be included in this initiative: “We believe that children in the cities and children on the edges of the country should have the same experience in learning. We want to ensure that there is an equal distribution of electronics and knowledge to all of the children of the nation. We want to make sure we are a part of developing them.” It’s not just about selling consumer products, he added. It’s about Corporate Social Responsibility and this is an opportunity to marry education and technology to develop the children and our future workforce. 
The blink | bmobile Foundation is a Corporate Social Responsibility Programme that promotes youth development initiatives in the areas of culture, sport, education and health