Blink bmobile foundation gives art a lift with Che Lovelace’s Children’s Art Workshop

These students experience transfering the art in their minds on to the canvas

“Art is about taking a journey and discovering and rediscovering”- Che Lovelace

For the love of art – that’s what Che Lovelace says has driven his career as an artist which spans more than two decades. And now, Lovelace is giving back to his country and he’s starting with the next generation of budding artists. Last Saturday, the artist hosted 12 students of the Point Cumana Government Primary School to an art workshop at his C.L Studio in Macqueripe which he founded in 2013.

Lovelace said the workshop, sponsored in part by the Blink bmobile Foundation, was held to help expose the standard four students to art and creativity and to also provide them with the rare opportunity to witness an artist in his element. The workshop formed part of the ECHo -Digital Chronology event, which presented Lovelace’s work and which proposes to be a series that will feature other established artists and always include a workshop component for young students.

“The blink bmobile Foundation is proud to support this innovative art event as we recognise Lovelace’s initiative as one which could make a positive difference in the lives of the nation’s youth” said Graeme Suite acting Head of Public Relations and External Afairs. Suite said the blink bmobile foundation’s role is to encourage creative youth development initiatives in health, education, culture and sport. “Lovelace’s workshop gave the students the benefit of his 25-plus years of experience. That is the kind of commitment that makes it worthwhile. Blink bmobile is also observing the start of the 25th year of TSTT’s operations so we can appreciate Lovelace’s dedication not just to art but to the country.”

Lovelace was also in high praise of blink bmobile for its support and underscored the importance of corporate citizens doing their part to inspire the youth and help bring about positive change.

“It is super important to me that blink bmobile has come onboard for this workshop and show its support to these kids. This is what we need from more companies. I’m very grateful. It’s something that I applaud because I believe that more support for the creative life is needed in this country. Something like this can open up a whole world of opportunities to a kid who may need it the most,” he said.

During the workshop - themed Ocean Meeting the Land - the youngsters, under the supervision of Lovelace and their teacher, were able to gain hands-on experience with art making and production. They also got to show their creative sides as they collaborated to do a large painting on canvas.

“Following the theme, I told them to paint anything associated with the ocean and the land. For their first time I was really impressed. I think they did wonderfully. I wanted them to feel free to make mistakes. Art is about taking a journey and discovering and rediscovering. Art gives you the opportunity to interpret differently and create another world,” Lovelace explained.

Growing up in a time when art was not considered a viable career option, Lovelace said he was motivated to follow his dreams by reading about the lives of other artists. Today, he said he wants to give children the opportunity to not only read about artists but to see them at work and experience the creative process.

“There is usually a lot of mystery surrounding artists and our work and today they got a nice feel of what it is to be an artist,” he said. “In Trinidad and Tobago, we have to find a window for kids to understand art. Just seeing artists work can let them see that somebody is actually serious about art as a career. If it’s one little seed that we can plant, something great can come out of it.”

Cheziah Daniel, 11, one of the students at the workshop said she was inspired by Lovelace and vowed to experiment with art in her spare time.

“I learnt that you can envision something and create it and that you can use art to express how you feel. I used to think that art was hard and boring but today I realised that it was fun. I want to learn to do it more,” she said.

Lovelace’s contributions do not stop there. In continuing his work in outreach and empowerment through art, he intends to conduct more studio tours and live drawing workshops for primary school students from the Carenage and Diego Martin areas as a part of his newly launched, ECHO retrospective exhibition event. The event covers the major distinctive periods and styles of Lovelace’s paintings since his first exhibition in 1991. It also features photographic records of the studio spaces and locations where Lovelace’s work has been produced.

Watching the expert closely these students are learning about expressing their creativity fro Che Lovelace

Art is about discovering and rediscovering says artist Che Lovelace