blink | bmobile helping Holistic Primary to be tech savvy

blink | bmobile's CEO Ag. George Hill and Holistic Primary's Principal, Dr. Patricia Dardaine-Ragguet surrounded by some of the excited students as they explain the School's new addition of iPads.
Holistic Primary School’s multimedia production team made up of 9-year-old pupils was on hand to record the presentation of iPads by blink I bmobile to the school. 
At a presentation ceremony held recently, TSTT’s acting CEO George Hill handed over the iPads to Holistic Primary’s Principal, Patricia Dardaine-Ragguet, at the school’s Cascade premises. 
TSTT’s Mr. Hill said, “For TSTT, the development of the youth and their minds is key to the development of the nation and to having creative thinkers for whom innovation is a way of 
He added that blink I bmobile saw the donations of iPads to Holistic Primary as a means of helping the students to discover that “it’s not only in books anymore…through the Internet 
and iPads they can learn what is happening around the world. That is the future: interactive learning, rather than just books.” 
Holistic Primary pupils, Xica - 9; Lukas - 9; Kafele - 9; and Cuba - 10, recorded the handing over using an iPad the school had already acquired through its own efforts. 
Xica explained, “My Mum has an iPad and I use it to take pictures. It’s fun to take pictures that look nice and colourful.” 
Cuba expressed his appreciation for blink I bmobile’s help, adding “It’s really good that the school is trying to raise money to get iPads for kids to use and learn.” 
Ms. Dardaine-Ragguet said Holistic Primary School’s goal is to introduce its pupils to the latest in ICT and it aims to give each pupil plenty of hands-on time with the latest 
technologies available for learning. 
She said blink I bmobile’s assistance with the purchase of iPads will help considerably in her school’s efforts to reach its goal of being fully equipped technologically. 
Ms. Dardaine-Ragguet, who holds a PhD. in Education Administration, said that the Ministry of Education’s primary school curriculum reform has provided part of the impetus for her 
school’s engagement with ICT. It is about “integrated ICT paired with strong pedagogy,” she said. 
The iPads will enable the pupils of Holistic Primary “to interact with the technology. They can use it for learning purposes, for taking photos, making presentations and writing stories,” the principal said.
However, she explained, the school will also be looking at what other schools are doing internationally with ICT. Among the other things she looks forward to doing are virtual tours 
with her pupils under the supervision of teachers. “We are excited,” she said, about the future uses of ICT in the classroom. 
The school has also introduced a commercial education programme to give children “that understanding of the value of money.” As part of the programme, the children have raised 
funds to contribute towards the purchase of iPads, she said. 
The school, which opened in 2005, has 153 pupils from pre-school to Standard Five. All age groups will be involved in the ICT Programme, Ms. Dardaine-Ragguet said. She added that 
her dream was for the school to be a model “that would guide other schools in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.”