blink | bmobile helps give local cyclists a taste of international cycling

Njisane Phillip and Anjanie Ramesar-Soom, Manager, Corporate and Community Affairs, blink | bmobile present two recreational bicycles to delighted children of Ferndean’s Place
“Faster and stronger” was how one local youth cyclist described the international cyclist who performed at the Njisane 3-Day Cycling Festival II. 
Tirik Primus, 14, said he was glad for the opportunity to participate in the festival sponsored by blink | bmobile, since “it was interesting to see how much stronger and faster the international cyclist are than most of the Trinidad and Tobago cyclists.” 
Primus, who rides with the Arima Wheelers club, took part in the cycling festival in the Tiny Mites category. “It shows me what I have to aim for,” he concluded. 
Young Primus’ reaction was in keeping with the goals that blink | bmobile, the festival’s sponsor, had for the event. According to blink | bmobile’s Executive Vice President, Marketing, Natasha Davis, “It is exciting to contribute to an initiative where some many young athletes get the chance to compete against the world and test their skills. This event although in its second year, has allowed our young cyclists to make some major strides that are critical for their long term development”. 
Several local youth cyclists took part in the festival, as part of the Youth Development segment that saw young cyclists do their best to outride some of the international cyclists at the festival. Local Masters’ cyclists in the 50–59 age categories and the 70-and-over category also participated in the event, as did cyclists under 7 years old, all of whom contributed substantially to the excitement of Saturday’s event, to the delight of the spectators in the packed stands. 
The star of the event, Gregory Bauge, 2012 Olympic sprint medallist, also gave local cyclists a workout on Saturday, as did the festival’s founder, Njisane Phillip. 
Njisane has been doing very well for Trinidad and Tobago in the international cycling arena, said TSTT’s Events Analyst Curtis Carrington. In 2011 he won bronze in the Pan American Games 200m sprint and won the sprint in 2012. He will be competing again in the Pan Am 2014 Games in September. 
Njisane said he was pleased with the turnout of international cyclists at this year’s event. “The cyclists this year are more experienced” than those in the inaugural event, he said. Njisane said he and sponsor blink | bmobile are “looking forward to building the event and making it even better.” 
He added that he was happy that blink | bmobile “could get on board and promote cycling”. “blink | bmobile is all about giving back to the community,” he said. 
In an effort to promote participation in sports, Njisane and the blink | bmobile Foundation invited the children from Ferndean’s Place a children’ s home from Point Fortin to attend the event, meet the local and international competitors. The Homewas also presented with two recreational bicycles so that the children would be able to enjoy riding. 
Maureen Toney, of Ferndean’s Place who accompanied the children to the festival, said the gift of the bicycles would encourage the children to exercise and also form part of the safe and healthy entertainment which they encourage at the Home. The children were very eager to take the bikes home to start using them.