blink | bmobile Introduces Hotel Entertainment Solutions

blink | bmobile Reps were on hand to conduct product demos

A new element of the BLINK Entertainment product has arrived to the shores of Tobago, and according to TSTT, it is specifically designed for the hospitality industry. TSTT’s Acting CEO, George Hill said before the financial year started in April, TSTT’s management made a commitment that the focus will be on Tobago, to ensure that the development of telecommunications infrastructure on the island gives key decision makers and others in authority, the confidence that whatever future they wish to design for Tobago, blink | bmobile will have the technology available to support it.

Recognizing when visitors come to Tobago to get away from it all, they still wish for the familiarity of modern conveniences, BLINK Entertainment has piloted a subscription TV service for hotels, guest houses and apartments, where there and multiple independent users within the building. More importantly the service will give visitors access to movies, sport, leisure, news and other programming content, local and international, with better quality than is currently available.

President of the Tobago arm of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Diana Haddad, speaking during the official launch of the project, at the Rovanel’s Resort, said the project was long in coming, especially where the issue of connectivity is concerned. “We are on a drive now in terms of us finding our space in the Tourism Industry, and only recently we were speaking in a meeting with the Tourism Secretary, Tracy Davidson-Celestine about connectivity and the offerings. We have fought for a number of programmes in terms of loan guarantees and restructuring for people to invest in their properties, so we offer something of a standard, and the demands of our guests. Tourism is an important sector, so this adds to its enhancement,” Haddad said. She said with the introduction of this new system the Tourism Industry in Tobago has received an added boost, and it is a step in the right direction.

“The BLINK Entertainment Hospitality Solution represents what we mean when we say we are not doing ‘business as usual’. Communications technology is about solving business and personal challenges. In this case we took a look at how we could help hospitality stakeholders sustain their drive to meet international standards for visitor experience”, the TSTT CEO said. “Recognising that that is a multifaceted goal, we looked at areas that we could make a real difference and TV entertainment was one of the few areas identified. Developing the product was not without its challenges and going forward, we plan to continuously review and improve on it based on customer feedback and technology evolution.” The CEO also mentioned that as part of the pilot at Rovanel’s, TSTT ran a new fibre optic cable along the length of the Store Bay Local Road so that all of the other hotels, guest houses and other business within that hub will be able to take advantage of improved and expanded services that fibre optic technology can support.

“Apart from this new product we are also extremely proud of the work done to build a critical fibre optic ring which encircles the island. This new fibre infrastructure will be the foundation for improving the BLINK experience for customers in villages like Speyside, Bloody Bay and Charlotteville with the suite of modern voice, data and entertainment services. Equally important however is the “Ring” configuration. This loop means that data can be routed on the Windward or Leeward side of the Island so that if a section of the line is damaged e.g. during an emergency, we can quickly restore service customers,” Hill said.

TSTT's CEO George Hill (Ag.) greets Diana Haddad, President of the Tobago arm of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce