blink | bmobile partners with Njisane to promote drug-free Sports

Anjanie Ramesar-Soom, Manager Corporate and Community Affairs, blink | bmobile and Njisane present two recreational bicycles to the children of St. Mary’s Children Home at day one Njisane Cycling Festival 2014
blink | bmobile extended its support of the second annual Njisane 3-Day Cycling Festival by partnering with him to host the event and by encouraging young ones to participate in cycling by contributing bikes on each night to various Children’s homes who were also attendance. 
The Cycling Festival, conceptualized by Olympic cyclist, Njisane Phillip, featured a number of top international riders from around the world. The riders, which included Tomas Babek of the Czech Republic, Hugo Barrette of Canada, Robert Groger from Germany, Australia’s Patrick Constable and Jai Angsuthasawit, eventual Keirin winner Gregory Bauge and Laurie Berthon of France, Malgorzata Wojtyra of Poland, Hayley Edwards and Jennifer Davis from England and Juliana Rendon from Colombia, put on an intense contest in each of their events, to give the local crowd a true taste of the speed and skill displayed only at the highest level. 
The event kicked off at the Arima Velodrome on the first installment and continued at Skinner Park, for the last two events. 
While presenting the bicycles to the St Mary's Children's Home, Anjanie Ramesar-Soom, Manager, Corporate and Community Affairs, explained that blink | bmobile does not hesitate to support Njisane, based on the commitment he shows towards his sport and towards youth development.
“The goal of our blink | bmobile Foundation is aligned to Nijsane and his efforts “We support this event because it provides an opportunity for our young future Olympians to showcase their talents together with the best in the world and in so doing get them ready for the world stage. 
It was clearly a much appreciated gesture for the children at the Homes as they came out to support the local riders while getting the opportunity to take photos with the man of the moment, Njisane. Each took the time to get a one-on-one shot with the brainchild behind the event, who enjoyed spending time with his young fans. 
Speaking on the invitation to have the kids from the Home come out to witness the event, Lucrecia Burns, one of the supervisors at St. Mary’s Children’s Home explained that the feedback had been fantastic and the kids were very excited about the opportunity. 
“Seeing it on Television or reading it in the papers is one thing, but having the opportunity to see it live and for the children to actually meet Njisane and some of the other riders they only hear about or see on television really brought joy to their hearts,” said Burns. “And coming out of it, you never know, one day maybe one of our charges might be taking part in the actual event. 
“I really want to express my gratitude to blink | bmobile for the opportunity and I hope it’s something we can continue to partner with them on in the future.” 
Njisane also thanked blink | bmobile for its support, sharing that the Njisane 3-Day Cycling Festival is meant to elevate the sport and he appreciates the ongoing partnership he shares with blink | bmobile as it relates to the event. “I really want to thank blink | bmobile, they have continued to show their support and have been really instrumental in helping to ensure that the event is a success,” he said. 
“This is the second year that they have come on board and I think the initiative falls in line with what they are about as a Company and the youths clearly enjoyed themselves, so it is something that is greatly appreciated.”