Blink bmobile puts Tobago in the Lead with 4G LTE Speeds

Customers were excited about having more choice with the new 4G LTE broadband and subscription TV

Company honours commitment with Christmas launch

“Ladies and gentlemen, Tobago is in the lead, with speed. Tobago now has the best of two worlds; a tranquil beautiful island paradise and a cyber-world moving at full speed and offering first- class services.” This was the proud statement made by Camille Campbell, blink I bmobile’s Chief Marketing Officer (Ag) at the double launch on December 17th of the blink | bmobile 4G LTE and BLINK Entertainment TV+ services for Tobago customers. Campbell reminded the audience of a promise blink bmobile made in April 2014 to roll out of services in Tobago first and that these services will be similar to what is available in most modern countries.

Along with the reach and greater speeds which will be configured on the new 4G LTE network, Tobago customers can also look forward to new subscription TV offerings as a better alternative to what is currently available today. These developments will be closely followed by a fibre programme so that blink | bmobile will be in the best position to offer tailored wired or wireless solutions for the diverse needs of residential and business customers.

Speaking on behalf of TSTT CEO Ronald Walcott, Campbell noted “We have put the ring on some of those commitments we made. In keeping with our 5-year strategic plan that has seen us rolling out a number of firsts for Tobago, I’m happy to say, Tobago, you’re first for the future. Today, we are launching these (2) new services which are now available throughout Tobago. Every tower in Tobago has been converted to 4G LTE technology. With this technology, communities, businesses and residences throughout Tobago will have broadband access with 4G LTE and broadband TV. You can now download your movies, videos and music at much faster speeds. Enjoy online gaming, streaming, surfing, post your pictures instantly on Instagram, Facebook, follow and tweet you experiences in a flash, conduct research quickly and seamlessly online and generally enjoy a better quality of TV service and broadband service on the island.”

Rakesh Goswami, blink | bmobile’s EVP for Strategic Alliances, Enterprise and Tobago Operations shared with the audience the reasoning behind the launching of the LTE service first in Tobago. He said “Some persons have mentioned in the past that Tobago was sometimes left behind or was not thought of the same way as Trinidad. We took this to heart and said we want to put Tobago first for the future, first for 4G LTE. So for the last (6) months or so we have launched a lot of things first in Tobago.” Goswami reminded the audience of the recent ‘firsts’ for Tobago: the simultaneous launch of the pilot of the 4G LTE service at Golden Lane, Tobago and Sangre Chiquito, Trinidad, the installation of a fibre ring around the whole of Tobago, the launch of the BLINK Entertainment TV+ service to the tourism and hospitality sectors and the opening of the new blink | bmobile superstore at Gulf City Mall, Lowlands, Tobago.

Goswami summed up how the new 4g LTE service will benefit Tobago “4G LTE stands for Long Term Evolution and is the next step after HSPA+ on the mobile side and Wi-Max on the internet side. LTE is designed to deliver very high broadband speeds. So it’s all about what you can now do faster on your smart phone, tablet, phablet and lap top.” With reference to the launch of the new TV service, Goswami noted “We are offering an expanded suite of delivery options for TV. Very good, high quality TV with more channels, better value and great packages. For $199, over 145 channels are now available to anyone, anywhere on the island who has at least a 2Mbps broadband connection. Choice is here.”

Assemblyman Huey Cadette spoke on behalf of the Honourable Orville London, Tobago House of Assembly Chief Secretary and congratulated blink | bmobile for ‘walking the talk’. He said “A few years ago blink | bmobile made a commitment to roll out a number of initiatives across Tobago. I am happy to see these initiatives being rolled out today and we are happy to see that Tobago is indeed in the lead. We look forward to a continued partnership with blink | bmobile to continue to add value to the lives of Tobagonians.”

Camille Campbell with Rakesh Goswami and Assemblyman Huey Cadette Member for Canaan-Bon Accord

Customers receive the new 4G LTE wireless modems at blink bmobile Gulf City Mall Lowlands Tobago