Blink broadband helps local students top the Caribbean

Gionieva Fraser



Blink Broadband has made a big difference for two T&T students who outdid their regional counterparts to claim the top two places in the 2013 edition of CANTO’s 7th World Telecommunication and Information Society Day  Essay competition. Not only do the students use broadband access from Blink, and they credit the Internet for a big part of their success, but the Internet Service Provider is also part sponsor of the prizes they are to receive.

First place winner Deirdre Subran-Ganesh and second place winner Gionieva Fraser wrote very compelling insights on the essay theme “ICTs and Improving Road Safety” and in the process edged out other students from Antigua & Barbuda, Belize, Jamaica and Surinameto claim the top spots.

Subran Ganesh, who lives in Chaguanas, loves reading novels, drawing, painting and more recently sewing, out of inspiration from Anya Ayoung Chee. For her essay, Subran-Ganesh looked at the ways ICTs could be used in road and transportation systems, vehicle safety and in educating road users and drivers. This was her second attempt at the elusive top spot in the essay competition. Last year the student of the Holy Faith Convent, Couva entered the competition with her brother Zachary. When Zachary placed third and she failed to hit earn a top spot, she decided to redouble her efforts and entered the competition again this year.  

Fraser, a first time entrant from Santa Cruz, included information on the European Commission’s eSafety Initiative of developing and deploying Intelligent Vehicle Safety Systems (IVSS). The 17-yearold considers herself a budding journalist / writer and enjoys reading, going to the beach and getting involved in any water-related activities. “And of course I love to write,” she said.

Both students noted that their use of the Internet made a big difference in their research and the way their essays turned out. “Without it (the Internet) I do not think I would have had all the information I needed,” Subran-Ganesh said, adding that she spent several hours each night doing research.

The two told similar stories of almost quitting the competition due to the demands of school. Fraser, a student of St Joseph’s Convent, Port of Spain, was so focused on her CAPE Examinations and her studies that she almost gave up on the competition.

“The day before the essay was due my mom reminded me of the competition and suggested that I enter.  I felt that I should at least try. I submitted it at midnight - the cut off time!”

Fraser was pleasantly surprised that she placed so high in the competition given her last minute entry and she was elated to win the  Netbook computer and US $500 second prize.

In Subran-Ganesh’s case when she felt like giving up, her motivation came from thinking about the attractive prizes she could win. For her perseverance she earned a trip for two plus hotel accommodation to CANTO’s 29th Annual Conference and Trade Exhibition in Aruba from July 14 to 18, a Netbook computer and US $1000. “This is the best prize ever!” Subran-Ganesh said she is looking forward to visiting Aruba. “I cannot wait to swim in the beaches there and attend some of the sessions planned by CANTO because I want to brush up on my public speaking skills.”

She believes that her edge on all the other entrants came from a Divine source. “I cannot say for sure but my mother always says "If God is on your side then nothing will stop you. My little 9 year old brother also prayed for me every night and he will be going on the trip to Aruba, too.”