Blink Broadband Supports SEA Comp

Caption: Kalev Kiel (left) of Bishop's Anstey Junior School receiving his hp Netbook prize from Lisa Hudson, BLINK Broadband Manager - Sales

Kalev gained the highest scores from completing exercises on the SEA vacation camp website BLINK Broadband partnered with, an SEA tutorial website in support of the organization’s annual vacation camp which provides online tutoring and preparation for SEA students.

Pennacool ran their 2011 vacation camp from July 11th to September 2nd. Every day during the camp an academic exercise was put up to be done and the student with the highest grand total at the end of the camp became the winner of the Netbook computer. Kalev emerged the winner after completing the exercise almost every day and consistently obtaining high marks. The exercises were attempted by students throughout Trinidad & Tobago.

"This is a reflection of BLINK Broadband's commitment to education and ensuring that the internet and all that is available through the worldwide web is accessed and used by our local students. We look forward to continuing to work with organisations such as Pennacool and with others promoting education and youth development through technology," stated Ms. Hudson.