blink I bmobile Foundation joins the effort to help keep Princess Elizabeth Centre dry

Caption:  Board members of the Princes Elizabeth Centre (PEC) - Professor Clement Imbert, Dr. Calvin Inalsingh & Gregory Aboud - President, Camille Salandy – Head of Public Relations and External Affairs, TSTT, Sister Roxanne Oliver & Felix Pierre CEO & VP Board of Directors of PEC

The blink I bmobile Foundation recently teamed up with the Downtown Owners and Merchants Association, DOMA who spearheaded a task to undertake desperately needed construction at the Princess Elizabeth Home for physically handicapped children (PEC). The challenge at hand was to prevent the continuous distress faced by the children and staff due to flooding.

As the country continues to prepare for above average rainfall predicted for the wet season it is not uncommon for many to be left devastated by floods as a result of sudden and excessive downpours. The Princess Elizabeth Centre has been affected by floods which has put the lives of the children at risk and also caused ruin to costly medical equipment necessary for the care of the children. In some instances the children had to be rescued from raging flood waters and temporarily relocated for the safety.

To address this, a permanent flood “berm” was commissioned at the Centre’s northern boundary entrance to a level that far exceeds the historic water levels which have flooded the site.

This project was seen as a critical one to the blink I bmobile Foundation since according to Camille Salandy, Head of Public Relations and External Affairs, TSTT: “The Foundation believes strongly in the work that the PEC undertakes to ensure that children with special needs are afforded an education and facilities that will help them lead healthy happy  lives.” At the cheque presentation, Mrs. Salandy commended DOMA for their initiative. She explained that through collaboration, PEC and others would be able to provide the best care possible for the nation’s children in an uninterrupted manner.   

In discussing the venture, Mr. Gregory Aboud, President of DOMA and the driver behind this project indicated that after assisting in numerous clean up exercises at the Centre it became evident that the work was not only vital it was needed immediately. He said that children at PEC were either awaiting surgery or undergoing rehabilitative therapy and it was disheartening to have them deal with this inconvenience on an ongoing basis. He added that because of the kind consideration of companies such as blink I bmobile this will no longer be a factor in the lives of those at PEC.

The blink I bmobile Foundation applauds DOMA and the rest of those who came together to lend a hand to help defend the perimeters of the Princes Elizabeth Centre against floods so that the children and staff could carry on in a safe and secure environment.