blink I bmobile Foundation partners with NCPD to promote “RESPECT”

Caption: L-R: Camille Salandy, Head of Public Relations, TSTT hands over a $41000.00 cheque to NCPD’s CEO, Dr. Beverly Beckles in aid of the “RESPECT campaign

As the United Nations gears up to celebrate the International Day of Persons with Disabilities on December 3rd, 2013, the National Centre for Persons with Disabilities (NCPD) in collaboration with blink I bmobile Foundation has taken the initiative to do their part in contributing to the global efforts to help realize the full and equal participation of persons with disabilities in society.

The NCPD has embarked on a nationwide public awareness campaign entitled “RESPECT” which seeks to educate and sensitize the national community about understanding the importance of zebra crossings and disability parking and the need to respect them. The project was launched simultaneously with the United Way of Trinidad and Tobago’s National Day of Caring on Sunday 19th May, 2103.  TSTT staff along with NCPD volunteers flooded the streets of South Trinidad in an effort to promote “RESPECT” to the public.Communities across the country will be targeted by volunteers over the next few months as “the campaign” goes into full swing.

The blink I bmobile Foundation recognizes the need to educate the local community on ways to add value to the lives of those in need and commends the NCPD for almost fifty years of dedication to promoting equality for persons with disabilities. The Foundation fully endorsed this “RESPECT” venture as it believes its results would go a long way in helping to ensure that affected persons have more access to an enhanced quality life.

Educating the public on disability parking became critical to the NCPD when they realized that although many public places and government offices offer designated parking spaces for the disabled; these spots are often unavailable to the legitimate users because the general public ignores the signs placed and make use of the spots. The promotion of zebra crossings was also important; both pedestrians and drivers tend to pay no attention to zebra crossing locations and as a result, pedestrians including the disabled sometimes wait for very long periods to cross the streets because drivers ignore them and also pedestrians sometimes use non designated areas and put their lives at risk.

According to NCPD’s CEO, Dr. Beverly Beckles: “Upon the completion of this project it is our hope that discipline and respect for each other will be reinforced to the general public. We commend blink I bmobile for sharing this vision. Their eagerness to partner with us by not only providing generous financial support but by helping us promote “RESPECT” to staff by encouraging volunteerism highlights their commitment to the positive development of the nation.”

The blink I bmobile Foundation praises the NCPD for their unwavering effortsof ensuring that persons with disabilities are appropriatelyintegrated into the wider community.The Foundation also joins NCPD in inviting the public to participate in the “RESPECT” campaign by doing our part to ensure its success.