blink I bmobile helps the Police keep kiddies safe for Carnival 2013

Caption: The Carnival Children’s ID Cards are presented to the Police Service - L - R:  Camille Salandy – Head of Public Relations and External Affairs -TSTT, Superintendant Mathura Singh and WPC Stachia Boyce of the Central Police Station and Anjanie Ramesar-Soom – Manager, Corporate and Community Affairs - TSTT

Before the adults hit the road to revel in the mas of Monday and Tuesday, the young ones of the nation get their chance to “jump up” in Kiddies Carnival celebrations taking place throughout the country.  Masses of children beautifully decked off in their costumes are usually showcased in the various parades of kiddies bands.  In the midst of all the soca and fun however, parents and guardians are sometimes faced with the horror of a young masquerader getting lost while playing their mas.

To help the parents keep their mind at ease while the little ones have their fun, the blink I bmobile Foundation provided over ten thousand Carnival safety stickers to the Police Service for distribution to parents and guardians of children participating in Carnival 2013.

The stickers serve as the child’s ID card. Parents or guardians simply fill in the relevant information on the card and attach it to the tot’s costume. In the event the junior masquerader finds his or herself out of reach from the parent, the ID card would go a long way to assist the police in their efforts to reunite adult and child.

The Police service welcomed the efforts of the blink I bmobile Foundation since it will help the officers keep the young ones safe while they play their mas. In handing over the ID cards to Superintendant Singh of Central Police Station, Camille Salandy, Head of Public Relations and External Affairs at TSTT described the reason for undertaking the initiative again this year:   “The blink I bmobile Foundation is constantly in search of ways to encourage the participation of our youth in events that promote our local culture and Kiddies Carnival is one such event. We understand the natural concerns many parents may have in relation to the safety of their children for Carnival and we wanted to offer this very practical tool to contribute to that while they enjoy the parades.”  The blink I bmobile Foundation hopes that the Children’s ID Cards provide some level of extra safety for all the junior masqueraders of the nation so that they can experience a wonderful and safe Carnival.