blink I bmobile Staff Compete for Charity

Caption: All smiles Nicole Jordon – General Manager, TSTT's Annette Mark and Ann Paula Bibby, Projects Manager of the Cancer Society of Trinidad and Tobago

Competitions are entered with the intention of taking home a winning prize  but its takes a special kind of person to enter a competition where the winnings go towards someone else.  A large number of these special people can be found working at blink I bmobile.

A charity hamper drive was recently carried out for the staff of blink I bmobile. They came together to collect food and other non perishable items for NGO, Families in Action to provide to underprivileged families. The staff worked tirelessly for this drive. At the end Families in Action were able to distribute hampers overflowing with items to over one hundred and thirty families on behalf of the blink I bmobile staff.

As an extra bonus, a prize of five thousand dollars in aid of a charity of the winner’s choice was offered to a random staff member participating in the drive. Employees were eager to win the money for their favourite charity. The lucky individual selected was Annette Mark who without a second thought leaped at offering her winnings to the Cancer Society of Trinidad and Tobago.

Annette could not wait to add the contribution to the Cancer Society’s “tree of life.” When informed of her good fortune she said, “It is always nice to be a part of something that aims at bringing a smile to another, being a part of the hamper drive gave me such an opportunity, winning the money for the Cancer Society was the cherry on top. This NGO touched the lives of many people over the years and this was my little way of contributing to their efforts.”

The Cancer Society was surprised and elated at Annette’s gesture. According to Projects Manager at the Cancer Society, Ann Paula Bibby, “It is because of the goodwill of people like Annette that we have been able to continue our work, this addition to our tree of life is very touching. blink I  bmobile must also be commended for encouraging their employees to reach out to those in need of a helping hand, this shows their thoughtfulness as a good corporate citizen. ”

blink I bmobile would like to thank all of the staff who committed their time and personal resources to the staff charity hamper drive. Without their selfless contribution the success of this campaign would not have been possible. blink I bmobile would also like to congratulate Annette Mark for emerging the winner of the competition. She did not only win a prize but also the smiles of people who were in need of some good cheer.