blink I bmobile supports the sweet sounds of pan at Pan De Rosa 2012

Members of Starlift Steel Orchestra showing off their talent

The splendor that is the local culture must always be flaunted so that it could thrive. The exceptional performance that was showcased at the 2nd annual Pan De Rosa held recently reinforced the outstanding talent that exists in the nation.

With the support of blink I bmobile, Pan De Rosa 2012 was hosted on Sunday 4th November, 2012 by the Foundation for Better Life and Learning in collaboration with the Member of Parliament for Arima, the Honorable Rodger Samuel.

The Foundation hopes to build and promote a stronger community network throughout the nation by hosting events such as Pan De Rosa. After only two years the event has become a signature event for the steel pan community and lovers of the music. With the success it achieved again this year Pan De Rosa shows every indication that it will only grow in 2013.

blink I bmobile believes that the support and promotion of the local culture influences the positive development of the T&T.  Steelpan is a major pillar of the nation’s culture and therefore blink I bmobile was proud to be afforded the opportunity to be a part of an event that celebrated our local instrument.

By hosting Pan De Rosa, the Foundation for Better Life and Learning also encouraged the fostering of a wider community spirit and blink I bmobile endorsed that objective since this can only add value to us as a people and increase the pride in our nation.

Ten of the top Trinidad and Tobago steelbands showed off their skills at the event to a delighted audience at Lime Blvd, Santa Rosa Heights who moved to sweet steel pans sounds from the first note to the show’s end.

 blink I bmobile commends the Foundation for Better Life and Learning for their efforts in building the nation by promotion of our local culture. The success achieved thus far proves the efforts are being played in the right key. Members of Starlift Steel Orchestra showing off their talent