BLINK Reveals the First Gigabit Community

Jorge Perez of CALIX with TSTT's Natasha Davis, Chairman Everald Snaggs, Minister of Public Utilities Nizam Baksh, TSTT CEO George Hill and Derrick Jones along with Councillor Momeena Hosein
On Wednesday 29th January, BLINK revealed Trinidad and Tobago’s first ever Gigabit Community at a residential development in Chaguanas. This accomplishment is also a first for the English-speaking Caribbean. 
This marks a significant new milestone in T&T’s Information Communications Technology (ICT) revolution – as residents will enjoy Internet speeds of up to one Gigabit per second (Gbps) – more than 100 times faster than average broadband speeds. 
 “Today, the Company brings supercomputing power to its Internet users,” TSTT Chairman Everald Snaggs said at the unveiling ceremony at the Legacy Housing Development in Lange Park, Chaguanas. 
Minister of Public Utilities Nizam Baksh delivered the feature address and was high in raise for BLINK following the exciting demonstration of the capabilities of BLINK’s Gigabit Community project. 
Gigabit technology promises to revolutionise the way we live, work and play in a way similar to what electricity did for T&T and the world when it was first introduced. 
So advanced is Gigabit technology that only a few communities in the entire United States of America can boast of having it and, just last year, the US Federal Communications Commission launched an ambitious programme to promote the deployment of at least one Gigabit Community in each of the fifty states by 2015. 
In his feature address, Minister Baksh congratulated blink | bmobile, its Management and Staff on this latest achievement which, he said, “Demonstrates once again your commitment to ensuring that citizens and businesses, and especially our young people in T&T, will have the same opportunities as their counterparts in the USA, Britain, Switzerland and Singapore to compete, to earn, to learn, and to fulfil their potential.” 
Underscoring the significance of superfast broadband, Minister Baksh pointed to the 2013 edition of the Global Information Technology Report (GITR) which has an entire chapter devoted to fibre optics cable, entitled: “Fibre Broadband: A Foundation for Social and Economic Growth.” 
In it, the authors say: “The foundation for digital prosperity is fibre broadband Internet access, often referred to as superfast broadband…superfast broadband is key to opening global markets to regions previously denied access, providing new job opportunities, and boosting productivity.” 
Minister Baksh also noted that Initiatives like the Gigabit Community would provide the necessary support to Government’s Laptop Distribution Programme by ensuring that students and teachers have access to superfast broadband at their institutions of learning. 
According to TSTT CEO, George Hill: “A Gigabit Community is created by serving homes with fibre optic connections straight up to, and into their homes, and configuring the network so that it…delivers access speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second.” 
BLINK’s commitment to developing Gigabit or Gb communities “is a future focused strategy because it powers the home and office for the technologies that already exist globally and is a foundation for the technologies that are yet to come,” said Mr Hill. 
The benefits of Gigabit Internet Broadband Services for customers include that: 
  • It accommodates an ever increasing amount of data processing over the Internet 
  • It is as much as 100 times faster than normal Internet services that customers experience currently 
  • It supports a multitude of devices, smart appliances and high-bandwidth apps simultaneously 
Gigabit technology removes bandwidth constraints to innovation, citizen’s creativity and business growth This means, for example, that members of a Gigabit Community can: 
  • Use a 1 GB connection to transfer a volume of data equivalent to using 100 DVD players at the same time 
  • Download 125,000 basic emails or 250 e-mails with large attachments in just one second 
  • Download 25 songs in just one second 
  • Optimise the benefits of home automation technology such as managing lighting, alarms, automated locks and doors, cooling systems and energy efficiency 
“With these capacity capabilities, it is quite clear your Gigabit Community of businesses, in this Legacy Housing Development, such as commercial enterprises, schools, libraries, medical facilities and residents, will have access to faster, high-capacity Internet services enabled by blink | bmobile as your number one telecommunications provider,” the Chairman said. 
Our goal, he added, is: “To link Trinidad and Tobago efficiently and effectively, by means of state-of-the-art telecommunications technology, within the Region and the rest of the world at 
faster speeds than now exist.” 
 BLINK is committed to being the brand that has a proven expertise in launching suitable Gb communities throughout Trinidad and Tobago. 
Damian Ali and Kenton La Borde help Councillor Momeena Hosein have fun with Near Field Communications demonstration in the BLINK Gigabit Community Project in Lange Park Chaguanas