Bmobile and UWI to host Research Week

Dr Ragendra Ramlogan Professor of Commercial and Environmental Law at The UWI
Port of Spain, Trinidad, April 12, 2018

The Department of Management Studies at the University of the West Indies, St Augustine Campus, in collaboration with Bmobile will be hosting the 2018 RESEARCH WEEK from Tuesday April 17th to Thursday April 19th.  The annual Research Week includes 3 days of presentations and panel discussions by thought leaders, economists and representatives from the corporate sector and trade unions, as well as UWI research students and faculty.  The topics to be explored reflect a focus on challenging students to address contemporary business and national issues facing Trinidad and Tobago including marketing in a recession, the economy and devaluation, the future of state enterprises, human resources and industrial relations practices and sexual harassment in the workplace.   

Bmobile’s support for the Management studies Department of UWI is an extension of the company's role to empower businesses to succeed through advanced technology.  Marsha Caballero, VP of Corporate Communications at TSTT said that Research Week workshops will help students gain a fuller appreciation of the kind of teamwork and research that is required to make a sustainable and positive impact on businesses. " Hearing the key insights  from industry leaders in finance, government, HR and marketing will  also boosts the student's entrepreneurial drive . Bmobile fully supports this initiative to ensure students  are better equipped to transform the local business landscape.”

Dr. Rajendra Ramlogan is UWI's Professor of Commercial and Environmental Law and chairman of the Research Week Committee. The committee also includes Dr. Meena Rambocas, Dr. Chandrashekhar Bhatnagar and Dr. Leslie-Ann Jordan-Miller.  Professor Ramlogan explained that this is the first time there will be persons from the corporate sector and trade unions as part of the panels, and this was part of the university's objective of deeper consultation and collaboration with their external stakeholders to better align the university's research and work with the needs of the wider community.  "In embracing this objective we changed the format from one which usually focused on the existing research of the students to one which combines the research of students with input from external stakeholders.  This gives us a better understanding of what our stakeholders are interested in and how much our research is aligned with their needs, as well as which areas we can explore in the future based on their feedback.  The external stakeholders will discuss, during their presentations on the 2nd day, the contemporary business and societal challenges that are relevant to them."  Dr Ramlogan added "We hope that our 3 days will offer lively and informative debates that will help UWI to be at the forefront of providing future research that assist our country's decision makers and business leaders."

Day 1 on April 17th will consist of MSc. and PHD research students sharing their proposals with the wider community and exploring opportunities for the public and private sector to further collaborate and deeper research on their respective areas of interest.

Day 2 on April 18th is broken up into 4 thought-provoking sessions featuring public and private sector leaders discussing: 'Marketing Strategies for an Economy in Decline'; 'Managing Human Resources to Improve Organizations’ Functioning: Contemporary Issues in Trinidad and Tobago'; ‘Devaluation and Financial Success for Trinidad and Tobago: Look or Leap’ and 'Re-visiting Governance of State Enterprises: Time for a new Paradigm'. Among the featured speakers will include  Dr. Acolla Cameron-Lewis, Senior Lecturer and Head of the Department of Management Studies, Dr. Raghava Gundala from the University of Wisconsin, TSTT’s Carol David EVP HR, IR & Corporate Support Services, Dr. Paul Balwant, UWI Lecturer on Organizational Behaviour, Human Resource Management, Ms. Stephanie Fingal / Interim CEO Employers Consultative Association, Dr. Vaalmikki Arjoon, UWI Lecturer on Finance Mr. David Abdulah, Political Leader, Movement for Social Justice , Mr. Robert Mayers, Chairman, KSBM Asset Management Limited, Ms. Christine Sahadeo, Senior Lecturer and Former Minister in the Ministry of Finance, Mr. Mariano Browne, Former Minister in the Ministry of Finance and Ms. Indera Sagewan-Alli. 

Day 3 on April 19th will take the format of a ‘Business Challenge’ for Undergraduate students at the Learning Resource Centre. A panel of expert judges will hear from four teams presenting their research on contemporary IR issues within Trinidad and Tobago as well as proposed solutions for the corporate and government sectors.  This will include a position paper on sexual harassment in the workplace and suggestions for inclusion in a national policy on sexual harassment.

Attendance is free and members of the public interested in attending can email and visit (online resource) for more information.