bmobile Business Technology Award Winner "Pays it Forward" to the Next Generation

WiPay Software Developers Mark Joseph (left) and Ryan Chin S ... orm's features at WiPay's Headquarters in Port-of-Spain.
WiPay Trinidad and Tobago Limited, a leading online payment platform based in Port of Spain, captured the highly-coveted bmobile Business Technology Award at the Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Industry and Commerce's 2018 Champions of Business Awards. 
The new technology award, sponsored by bmobile, was added for the 1st time to this year's award function held on November 1st at the National Academy for Performing Arts in Port of Spain.  For beating all the competition in the technology award category, WiPay will receive a customized bmobile Business Solutions Package valued at $10,000.00. 
Rakesh Goswami, TSTT's Executive Vice President-Strategic Alliance, Enterprise and Tobago Operations noted that the new bmobile Business Technology Award underscores the critical importance of ICT in driving business, services and solutions in today's modern digital economy.  "In today's world, it's either disrupt or be disrupted.   Digital disruption helps advance business by bringing bold, innovative and new solutions that not only satisfies customers' needs but delights users.  ICT is also a great equalizer by leveling the playing field.  The continued advancements in the global and local technological landscape allows companies of any size to directly compete against each other and to reach potential new customers, not just in the remote and rural areas, but anywhere in the world". 
Goswami indicated that it was impressive to see so many companies with strong ICT-driven businesses competing for the new technology award.  "bmobile joins the Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Industry and Commerce and the rest of the business community in congratulating WiPay for winning the bmobile Business Technology Award.   As the only local full-service communications provider, bmobile will continue to invest in a state-of-the-art network to empower our business community in delivering best-in-class service solutions."
Stating that he felt humbled and grateful to be bestowed the technology award, Aldwyn Wayne, WiPay CEO, thanked bmobile, the Chamber and the business community for their understanding of the importance of ICT and for recognizing the hard work done by his company.  He was keen to note that WiPay was birthed as direct response to the lack of financial inclusion for unbanked persons in the Caribbean. By removing the barrier for online payments, WiPay has been able to successfully realize their goal of empowering Caribbean people and businesses. “I wanted to help Caribbean people and SMEs so they can have easy access to transactions in order for their businesses to prosper and for them to be able to conduct regional and international business easier”, he explained. After two years, WiPay is now the number one online payment platform in the Caribbean.

TSTT's Rakesh Goswami celebrates WiPay's prize of the Busin ... deed on November 1 at the TTCIC Champions of Business
Wayne agreed that technology is a game changer that levels the playing field for SMEs.  Technology also drives entrepreneurship through innovation.  "WiPay was able to successfully compete against 5 large banks to emerge the winner of a tender by the Judiciary of Trinidad and Tobago for online financial and payment solutions.  It was a David and Goliath situation.  We don't have the finances, infrastructure or manpower of the banks.  It's just 22 of us.  But technology allowed us to win the tender.  We had technology that the banks did not have." 
Wayne also noted the importance of having technology companies like bmobile to provide a fast, robust, reliable and high-quality network.  "This is important if we are to maintain the high quality of our services since our solutions run on top of networks.  A comprehensive network like bmobile's, which offers 4G LTE fast services that are affordable to both consumers and businesses, is also important for the uptake of new customers.  It's a partnership because we need telecoms like bmobile to develop and grow our businesses." 
With an open plan office layout, flat company structure and a creative culture and team environment similar to Google, Wayne's vision for WiPay is to lead the way in making Trinidad and Tobago the "Silicon Valley" of the Caribbean.  "We are grateful that companies like bmobile invest in SMEs like us, so we try to "pay it forward" to the next generation.  WiPay offers internships to tertiary level students and has an open door policy for visits from secondary school students.  We encourage them to spend time with us at the office.  We plan to engage as many of our next generation as possible so they will start to think about becoming entrepreneurs and technology professionals.  We want them to understand that they don't have to go aboard to work at a good technology company.   It's possible to have a successful ICT career right here in Trinidad, developing and delivering new, ground-breaking solutions.  It's possible to have a Silicon Valley right here"

Aldwyn Wayne, CEO of WiPay (right) at the 2018 T&T Internet Governance Forum