Bmobile Customers Win Big with Christmas promotions

Starting 2018 off with a brand new car or a $5000 shopping spree may sound like a dream but for three lucky bmobile customers - Michael Williams, Lyris Groome and Adesh Singh - that’s exactly what happened.

The customers were winners of the bmobile Unlimited Celebration Christmas Promotion, geared to give back to customers during the Yuletide season.

On January 12, Williams said goodbye to his 18-year-old Libero vehicle and flew to Trinidad to claim his brand new Hyundai IONIQ. Williams had won the Samsung Unlimited Celebration Promotion after purchasing a Samsung Galaxy A5 as a Christmas gift to himself last month. He had saved up all year to buy the phone after his Samsung S6 was stolen last year. A Pastor for 29 of his 54 years, Williams described the new vehicle as “a miracle car” and a blessing from God.

“I had no money to purchase another one so I ended up buying a cheaper phone to use. I waited a whole year to be able to buy back a Samsung and I decided to get it for Christmas,” he said. “And then this happens. God has really blessed me double because He knew I also needed a new car. What a great testimony.”

Williams, who shared his old vehicle with his wife, was presented with the keys to his new car at the Massy Motors dealership on Richmond Street, Port-of-Spain. Williams smiled from ear to ear as he posed for pictures with Samsung, bmobile and Massy representatives. “My wife and entire family are very happy,” Williams said, beaming.

Lyris Groome, 66, from Lowlands, Tobago, was also in winner’s row with a $5000 shopping spree from Penny Savers Supermarket, Tobago. The 66 year-old, said it was an experience of a lifetime and she was happy to be able to share some of the groceries she won with others. Groome had only three minutes to grab items from the store but managed to rack up $5017 worth of goods. “It was very exciting and fun. I went straight to the meat section and picked up hams and turkey. Then I ran to the other aisle and picked up rice, on the way I saw toilet paper so that went in too. Then oil, soap powder, bleach, ting to wash wares. I filled up three trolleys and I was $17 over so I just paid the difference,” she recalled excitedly. “It was truly a great experience.”

And in Trinidad, Adesh Singh, 45, had his share of the fun with a $5000 shopping spree at Massy Stores, Westmoorings. The Penal resident walked away with a Samsung flat screen TV, fan, and some grocery items. But the first thing to go in his trolley, he said, was alcohol. “I picked up four bottles one time. I was so excited I just grab.”

Noting that bmobile continued to be a leader in the industry, Singh was in high praise of the company for giving him the chance to win. “Bmobile is great,” he said. “It’s years now I’m with Bmobile and it has been a good ride. I have no complaints.”

TSTT’s Camille Campbell, Vice President of Marketing, said the Company always looks forward to giving back and sharing the joys of the season with valuable customers.

She said, “We are thrilled to be given the opportunity to partner with Samsung to make Mr. Williams’ dreams come true.Christmas is a time for giving and bmobile customers always have the unique opportunity to win some very amazing prizes during the season.  We love to see the smiles on the faces of people like Michael, Lyris and Adesh, and we are happy to have played a part in making their new year that much brighter.”

During the Christmas season, bmobile customers who participated in the Unlimited Celebration Christmas Promotion also walked away with weekly Massy vouchers valued at $1000.