bmobile launches Cloud Services

Tanya Muller Senior Manager IT Infrastructure with some members of the TSTT Data Centre team

Port of Spain, Trinidad, May 24, 2018

Cloud computing and cloud services are a key driver for a lot of the innovation consumers are seeing in retail transformation, new product development and customer service. Many of us use it daily and do not realize how vital it is. Dropbox, Gmail and Facebook are all relevant and real world examples of cloud computing. Gmail which is Google’s email service provider, has truly revolutionized how we access and send emails worldwide, given the capability of it providing unlimited storage in the cloud.  Cloud computing is key to enhancing a business’s capabilities by optimising their use of and investments in technology, in ways that are seamless to consumers. And it’s a big deal. In one study by Gartner, worldwide public cloud revenue is forecasted to grow by 21.4% in 2018 to US$186.4 Bn and reach a staggering US$302.5 Bn by 2021.

The appeal of Cloud services is really in the creative ways businesses can use it without, in many instances, having to foot a large investment bill for its hardware and software. That is where bmobile and VMware comes in. By providing the hardware and software infrastructure themselves as well as the tech-savvy human resources to manage these for multiple organisations at the same time, local companies are freed of the burden of building and staffing this IT infrastructure themselves. At their recent launch of Cloud Services, Tanya Muller, TSTT Senior Manager of IT Infrastructure, noted that TSTT’s unique position as a national communications operator, it has allowed the company to build a cloud environment that already serves multiple users.  

Cloud services come in many technical sounding flavours like Software as a Service (SaaS); business process as a service (BPaaS); infrastructure as a service (IaaS); platform as a service (PaaS) and the like. Businesses use these and turn them into more consumer-friendly services for their staff or customers such as email with large storage; folders for storing millions of selfies, videos and other memorable moments; documents that you can update anywhere in the world using Google Docs or Microsoft Office 365. bmobile Cloud services via its internationally TIA-942 certified Data Centre, supports co-location of a business’s IT hardware in the Data Centre. The Data Centre in turn is equipped with all the power, cooling and networking infrastructure to ensure equipment runs at an optimal level.

As part of the service, bmobile also provides a team of highly skilled and certified Data Centre professionals. Through the partnership with VMware and their Software Defined Data Centre (SDDC) cloud, local businesses inherit a ton of flexibility with:

a.     Virtual Data Centres which are a pool of computer resources that enable businesses to create their own private cloud

b.     The ability to create a virtual machine for any application, such as a web-server inclusive of dedicated internet access.

c.     Disaster Recovery as a Service – giving business customers the ability to build an exact replica of applications and servers running in their own virtual Data Centre. This allows for full business continuity in a matter of minutes rather than days and weeks.

Making all of that possible is no easy task. Rakesh Goswami, EVP Strategic Alliance Enterprise and Tobago Operations stated that bmobile is a professional cloud provider with professional cloud provider status and over 40 certified staff. “We have on-going training of staff to further increase that number.” bmobile cloud platform includes all flash storage; over 200 Virtual CPUs, 400-plus gigabits of memory and the company plans to increase the virtual computer resources by more than 500% in the next year, across multiple data centres.”

 Michelle Villabos, Territory Account Manager at VMware said Trinidad and Tobago is a changing economy. “Everyone is looking for new opportunities. Trying to evolve into a digital business is really opening up those new opportunities to stay relevant.” The key advantage of this service is businesses can deploy new products and services faster and not have to be distracted by the underlying IT operations.

The Eastern Credit Union is one of the first bmobile cloud customers locally. Utilising the backup and disaster recovery services, Charlene Webb-Brereton, IT manager Eastern Credit Union says she highly recommends any and all businesses to sign up. She says the financial institution came to bmobile for a contingency plan after some challenges with its business servers. Webb-Brereton believes, “As the largest credit union in Caribbean, you have to lead by example, and we realised you cannot just rely on the physical hardware of your core data in one location. You need to put things in place, because things can happen.” She is comfortable with bmobile’s security measures and would not have come on board if she felt otherwise. Additionally, knowing her data is stored in Trinidad and Tobago is even more comforting, “Unlike other international providers, you don’t know where in the world your data is housed. With bmobile cloud service, you know it’s in this country. You can’t pay for peace of mind, but it certainly allows you that level of comfort.”

bmobile and VMware are here to work with companies in all industries that are ready to take that quantum leap to adopt and implement cloud in their organizations to gain competitive advantage by driving business innovation.