bmobile leads the way in facilitating AI Technology

Leslie Lee Fook, Director of AI, Automation and Analytics at Incus Services.

When we think Artificial Intelligence (AI), we often picture the movies iRobot or Robocop which may lead us to believe that AI technology is a thing of the distant future.

However, AI is here.

According to Leslie Lee Fook, consumers use AI technology but are largely unaware. Lee Fook is the Director of AI, Automation and Analytics at regional business intelligence and cyber security company Incus Services. During his highly anticipated presentation to tech enthusiasts and company executives at the bmobile Connect Technology Conference, Lee Fook explained that “AI technology is already telling us where to drive, who to befriend and which movies we should watch. This is happening right now. The future is here.”

AI technology is a branch of computer science that programmes intelligent machines to work and react like humans. AI programmes use advanced analytics to help companies predict behaviour, automate processes and build more compelling business cases. Stacey Gaines, Business Analyst at TSTT, highlighted that there were multiple studies which suggest that small businesses not only drive diversification but businesses that use AI grow faster and become leaders within their respective spaces. Gaines explained that businesses worldwide are harnessing AI technology to give them a competitive edge in the market. “AI technology can learn the behaviour of consumers to predict the services and product offerings that provide the best value, at the lowest cost - without frustrating customers. It is already being used by approximately 23% of Enterprises worldwide and according to Adobe, we will be see a 32% increase in the number of businesses that adopt AI technology into their processes within the next year”, he explained.

Larger organisations such as Google, Amazon and Facebook have the spending capabilities to hire the best data scientists in the world and use their expertise to optimise their processes and customer offerings. However, to begin capturing and processing data using AI technology, business operators need access to powerful and versatile hosting services such as those offered by bmobile.

Monitoring global statistics has placed bmobile a step ahead and the company is fostering an AI friendly environment by making significant investments in infrastructure and connectivity. bmobile already provides comprehensive and affordable solutions for its enterprise customers including cloud, data, security, mobile and voice services. One of its strategic advantages includes its TIA-942-B and SOC 2 rated data centre; the most impressive of its kind in the LATAM and Caribbean region. The multi-million dollar world class data centre provides the full spectrum of data centre services and is supported by a team of highly-skilled and trained data centre professionals.

The communications solutions provider also offers colocation services to house privately-owned servers and networking equipment and provision of a wide range of cloud services. Since AI technology typically runs on the cloud service, any company that is investing in AI technology to automate aspects of their business needs secure and reliable infrastructure.

With 83% of businesses globally saying that AI is a strategic priority for their businesses, Lee Fook commended bmobile for refocusing in all the right places. He noted, “bmobile has the ability to impact innovation and influence the conversation locally. They are doing their part to support a thriving technology eco-system which is important since technology ultimately drives our competitiveness. Trinidad and Tobago needs to keep pace with the larger, developed countries in the world - we are not competing with the Caribbean, we need to unify and compete with the powerhouses.”