bmobile, Maggi and Chef Jason Peru invite T&T to "Bubble with Us"

Bmobile , maggi - Chef Jason
Bmobile , maggi - Chef Jason Peru with his assistant for the day, popular Disc Jockey and Soca Artiste Blaze

Bmobile, Maggi and Chef Jason Peru invite T&T to "Bubble with Us"

A fresh, new exciting online cooking show is set to make its debut on bmobile’s interactive site  today (Thursday 10 October 2013).

For the past week, teasers featuring mouth-watering food in vivid picture quality have been running on the bpartofit website. Today the suspense comes to an end when Bubble with Us, the first online interactive cooking show, premieres.

Bubble with Us, a play on bmobile’s popular tagline Move with Us, will be hosted by popular chef Jason Peru who will share his kitchen with a few of his celebrity bmobile advocate friends. Maggi is also a sponsor of the programme. In the first webisode, Disc Jockey/Soca Artiste Blaze, dons an apron and chef’s hat to assist Peru in preparing a chicken jambalaya.

The banter between the two is natural and Peru – who is usually shy and soft spoken off camera, seems to come alive when surrounded by kitchen utensils and ingredients.

No stranger to a local television studio kitchen, Peru has hosted and co-hosted several cooking shows in the past. Bubble with Us, however, was his dream for the last five years. His partnership with bmobile was deliberate he said, given the pioneering nature of the leading telecommunications provider.

“I loved the direction bmobile was going into. I thought it was a pioneering company and I was impressed by the company’s dedication to the brand. Maggi has also been a great partner on this project and is an essential part of flavouring the pot. Their seasonings are versatile and can be used in a variety of ways that complement a person’s health and wellness goals.”

Peru chose online streaming over television – the traditional way to present a cooking show, he said, because the current technology trends point to devices taking over as communicative, social networking and entertainment tools. He believes that T&T is more than ready for an online cooking show. “Food and entertainment is in our DNA,” he said.

Naresha Ali, Manager TSTT Mobile Marketing, said the company decided to invest in Bubble with Us because it saw the idea as another avenue to engage with customers and fans using technology. "Additionally, most people love food, we liked the idea of showcasing how food and meals are prepared in a fun and entertaining way.”

"We are providing a functional service to customers using technology, via our website . They can get ideas on how to prepare meals, and it is accessible to anyone, anywhere and at anytime. “bmobile is in the business of Communication and Mobile Technology; we offer our customers mobility and the show Bubble with Us is just that, it caters to the mobile lifestyles of consumers today."

Peru started cooking at the age of 13 years. His first dish was onion rings, which he admits he ate until he was sick. Today, his signature dish is his Pistachio Crusted Lamb Loin.

Nigel Jordan, Marketing Analyst, Communications at bmobile, who has supervised most of the company’s live streams for’s audiences -- including Soca in B Square, the Hampton Games and the Eye Slam Series—is just as excited as Peru about the premiere of Bubble with Us.

“This is another opportunity for us to reach out to our fans, utilizing technology to do so.”
Bubble with Us will also be highly interactive Jordan said and would give viewers the opportunity to participate in fun contests for the chance to appear LIVE on the show, among other prizes.
“Just log on to Facebook and “Like” the bmobile Facebook page to unlock great opportunities. Mobile Apps on food will also be highlighted during the show.”
“bmobile works with an ubiquitous interface – which means that Bubble with Us is viewable on just about any device and can also be enjoyed at any of our 50-plus Bzone locations throughout the country.”


1. Chef Jason Peru with his assistant for the day, popular Disc Jockey and Soca Artiste Blaze
2. Some of the ingredients used to prepare the Chicken Jambalaya
3. The completed dish of Chicken Jambalaya