bmobile steps up its data centre game with new certification

Rakesh Goswami, EVP Strategic Alliance, Enterprise and Tobago Operation at TSTT

bmobile already had one of the best data centres in the region and recently, it went a step further to become one of the first to receive the latest international standards in certification. That is, the TIA-942-B certification, an upgrade to the TIA-942-A which the company previous attained. This means bmobile’s innovative, pragmatic and visionary data centre offerings are now  even more globally competitive and remains one of the most compliant in the industry. The latest certification means   the data centre’s mechanical, electrical, telecommunications, security and fire detection and protection capabilities have met the most rigorous international standards available for the industry.

A data centre is considered the foundation for IT. Digital transformation of many businesses is enabled by data centre services so ensuring it meets the best design and operational standards are vital for its longevity, success and functionality. However, the reliance on a physical data centre has always brought questions about efficiency, safety and security. It is why the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA), a body accredited by the American National Standards Institute and representing manufacturers and suppliers of global communications networks, has continuously formulated certification standards to cover all aspects of the integrity of a physical data centre. These standards include site location, architecture, security, safety, fire suppression, electrical, mechanical and telecommunication. Apart from TIA-942-B, TSTT also received SOC 2 certification in the last month. Tanya Muller, Senior Manager of IT Infrastructureexplains that the SOC 2 accreditation, “does not just speak to infrastructure and design, but it goes straight into our process. What sort of processes do we have, how do we hire people, how do we train our staff, and what sort of confidentiality processes do we have? This one took a while, but we got it, and we’re very proud of it.” SOC 2 focuses on a business's controls with respect to security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy of a system.

Data Centre Services available nationwide

bmobile considers its Data Centre a fortress that can centralise a business’ IT operations and equipment both physically and virtually. It is able to house an organisation’s most critical systems that are necessary for its business continuity. bmobile can boast of a highly secure and reliable data centre that provides around the clock monitoring and restricted and controlled physical access.

According to Rakesh Goswami, TSTT’s EVP of Strategic Alliance Enterprise and Tobago Operations, the data centre allows businesses to have virtual data centres, virtual machines and disaster recovery as a service. Potential customers can rent space for their servers and other computing hardware while TSTT provides the building, cooling, power, bandwidth and physical security.Goswami says businesses can now take some things off its plate, “You don’t have to worry about who is managing your servers?  Do you have to be there? What’s the capital cost for you? None of that. We take care of that. So never again would you have to purchase expensive hardware that depreciates over time. Instead let TSTT do that for you.”

Through its data centre, TSTT is determined to transform the way business is conducted in Trinidad and Tobago. According to Sean Koon Koon, TSTT Manager IT Data Centre, investing in a data centre with world renowned accreditation was no easy venture, “but it is absolutely necessary for setting a proper foundation to foster digital business development.” bmobile’s data centre was built in 2010 and it is continuously upgraded. In an environment when standards and equipment are continuously changing TSTT tries to stay ahead of the curve at all times. Koon Koon says the investment for TSTT was in excess of $70 Million and now businesses can benefit from the data centre and cloud services without the need to make that kind of investment themselves. , “Companies can now enjoy the services of a world class data centre complete with white glove cloud services to help them along their journey of digital transformation.” Koon Koon likens the data centre to an office-in-a-box, “A company can have its own physical IT equipment installed here if the company prefers not to have to share the resources with anyone else. We do managed cloud services where the company can use our shared cloud infrastructure. We also do private cloud as well where we build a cloud environment specific to a business’s needs.”

In addition to the data centre in Trinidad, there are plans to build a comparable one in Tobago. “We’ll be the only company that offers off-island back up as well with an IT cloud that stretches across Trinidad and Tobago.”