bmobile Supports Healthier Lifestyles among Children

Camp participants enjoying some pool work outs
Port of Spain, Trinidad, August 23, 2018

bmobile Foundation’s dedication to the development of youth via its health pillar has derived several success stories over the past six weeks through their involvement in the country’s first Summer Weight Loss Camp.
Spearheaded by Leah Lewis, Chief Executive Officer of To’ren Healthcare Consultancy, this camp targeted children between the ages of eight and 18 who were overweight and obese. With direct support from their parents/ guardians, the young people participated in a programme designed not only to help children lose weight, but to change their lifestyle.
TSTT’s Vice President of Corporate Communications, Marsha Caballero, lauded the efforts of Lewis who braved such a new but innovative initiative.
“Our involvement in the Summer Weight Loss Programme perfectly aligns with one of the bmobile Foundation’s core values; Health. It is our longstanding contribution to continue supporting youth development in every aspect. This programme is indeed ground-breaking and we are pleased to play a part in promoting healthy lifestyles among our youth on a national scale.”
Throughout the camp’s duration, this brave bunch of juveniles endured multiple physical, but fun exercises which ranged from zumba, aqua aerobics, kickboxing, a Boot Camp and other fitness games.
They were also actively involved in Self Esteem Coaching, Nutrition, Health Education as well as motivational talks led by various local heroes.
“We wanted them to be motivated to change by listening to the stories of influencers, especially the locals. They all had a story to tell,” said Lewis. “It’s a behaviour change programme.

Children would not only want to lose the weight, but also live healthier by eating better, being physically active and believing that they are capable of change. Their confidence has improved from when they began and their parents have agreed that they have seen a change in their kids’ mentality. The programme has been a success.”
One of the major highlights arising out of the Summer Weight Loss Camp was the testimonial of 12-yar old camper, Omari Bascombe. This enthusiastic youngster dropped a whopping 20 pounds during his six weeks of hard work and mental prowess.
“It was a life-changing experience for me, even though it was tough sometimes. I am proud of myself because I was aiming at losing just three pounds,” he stated.
When asked what inspired his drive to grind out such results, Bascombe explained, “I’d say the counsellors were my biggest motivation. Sometimes they pulled me aside and spoke to me and I actually listened to their advice. I’m going to continue the requested camp diet and maybe include one or two healthy additions to my meals. This camp has helped me to take control of myself, especially my thinking and eating habits. Sometimes you’re just not brave enough because you think people would make fun of you.”
Prior to the start of the camp, each child was weighed and had their blood pressure and blood glucose levels tested. On the final day, they were once again tested and the results proved a resounding sounding success overall.
Parents/guardians were also given the opportunity to be a part of the camp and view their child/ children’s progress. Alana Toussaint, mother of a seven-year old camper, excitedly relayed her experience. “Her eating habits and her body movement have changed immensely. I am totally impressed with this programme because I saw a major change in my daughter’s self confidence and she’s looking forward to going to school,” revealed Toussaint.
Following the 30 days of building awareness and greatly assisting the kids towards thinking and eating healthier, Lewis declared that there was a 95% overall improvement in blood pressure and glucose levels while every participant lost a fair amount of weight, with Bascombe leading the pack with his massive 20 pound loss.

Camp participants spend some time with Olympic Gold medalist Hasely Crawford

Camp participants enjoying some pool work outs

Campers of To'ren Healthcare Consultancy's Summer Weight Loss Camp proudly showoff their certificates of completion on their final day of camp