bmobile's technology conference and expo connects with business

Learie Hercules, AT&T Technical Director, Product Innovation and Big Data Expert addresses participants at the Connect @ bmobile Technology Conference held recently at the Hyatt Regency.
Learie Hercules, AT&T Technical Director, Product Innovation and Big Data Expert addresses participants at the Connect @ bmobile Technology Conference held recently at the Hyatt Regency.
"Data is a big part of what is happening now. Infrastructure and solutions as services, the internet of things, 5G, robotics, artificial intelligence and the like, all are here today and a big part of how we go forward."  Dr. Ronald Walcott, TSTT's Chief Executive Officer delivered these remarks to business, leaders and Government and Ministry officials at the opening of the two-day Connect @ bmobile Technology Conference and Exposition held recently at the Hyatt Regency Trinidad.  Dr. Walcott drew the guests' attention to the fact that many of the top organizations worldwide do not have retail stores and noted, "There is this convergence of the service industry and ICT development that is very fundamental to the way in which we are evolving as a nation, region and globally and we have to recognize this and become a part of it if we are to move into this new technological era."     
Dr. Walcott continued, "There is enough evidence to clearly demonstrate that there is a direct link between ICT development and economic development, so our remit as TSTT is not just to provide services.  We have a vision to become the standard bearer for leading edge communications solutions in Trinidad and Tobago that will enrich the lives of citizens, businesses and visitors.  We want to partner with you in your own development to provide the platform and solutions that will help you in this new technological era.  We have been transforming ourselves since last year from being a traditional telecommunications provider into an agile broadband communications company.  I am very pleased that we are hosting this conference because it is important that we create your awareness of both what technology is available out there and what the new TSTT is about."  
Connect @ bmobile, the first-of-its-kind technology conference and exposition in the country and region, was held to create awareness of the latest in technology and advanced technological products and services to help companies increase their productivity and profitability.  Connect @ bmobile had a full house on both days and was attended by the Honourable Maxie Cuffie, Minister of Public Administration and Communications, senior-level Government officials, as well as IT Managers and senior-level representatives from the private sector and supplier companies.  
Learie Hercules, Technical Director, Product Innovation and Big Data Expert at AT&T, agreed with Dr. Walcott and said, "Data is the new oil and artificial intelligence is the future."  The keynote speaker continued, "The proliferation of today's mobile devices demonstrates how people consume in this data generation.  Before, customers only consumed data.  Now they are generating data as well, so organizations should ensure they are obtaining value for their ICT investments by capitalizing on this increasing volume, variety and velocity of data being generated by their customers.   As a Big Data company, bmobile has a responsibility to bootstrap the productivity of the next generation by helping companies move from being consumers of content to producers." 
Attendees got the opportunity to view and discuss bmobile's portfolio of ICT, Managed Services and Data Centre Services, including CCTV; hosted phone and PBX services; video communications cloud; corporate email powered by “Google Suite”; network management services; and data centre services such as virtual machines, storage and backup, co-location and cloud TCO. 
Chevon Wilson, TSTT's   Vice President of Mobile Services and Ronnie Mohammed, TSTT's Senior Manager Product Development generated a lot of excitement as they presented on the features and benefits of bmobile's mobile 4G LTE and broadband 4G LTE services for the corporate and consumer markets.  
The other technology experts, from the GE Global Research Center, Nielson, AMITEIS, VmWare, Mitel, Huawei and Google, led educational discussions with case studies on the industrial side of the internet, cloud technology and CCTV installations.  Participants witnessed how global leading companies utilized these ICT, Managed Services and Data Centre Services, which are offered by bmobile, to provide value to businesses by optimizing their assets, operations and business to achieve a quicker turnover of data analytics, lower their costs and increase productivity, profitability and growth. 
Connect @ bmobile was well received by the target audience.  Steveson Dukhan, SWMCOL's IT Manager commented, "The products and services that bmobile has in store for the future really augers well for the end user, whether corporate or consumer.  It's up to us to really harness what bmobile is offering and explore our options so we can provide a better service to our clients.  I was especially excited to hear about bmobile's LTE network."  Hayden Mitchell, Managing Director of Coffee Express Limited stated, "I am glad that I came.  We have field service technicians and what really interested me was the possibility of using field service automation, cloud based technology and data analytics to automate the whole field service and equipment repairs.  The conference was really practical and timely for me."    
Wendell Mitchell, Group Chief Information Officer at the Guardian Group added, "Many companies put a lot of effort into trying to create and homogenize their data themselves.  They fail because they aren't experts.  If bmobile and its partners could put systems in place so organizations don't have to worry about the data, only how to use it, this will significantly improve their chances of success because they can focus on their core business."  All three agree that Trinidad and Tobago is ready to embrace Big Data and data analytics to increase their productivity and profitability, with Wendell Mitchell adding, "Mistakes from bad data can have serious implications from angry customers to loss of income, market share or position."

TSTT’s CEO Dr. Ronald Walcott chats with Maxie Cuffie, Minister of Public Administration and Communication and Rakesh Goswami, TSTT's EVP Strategic Alliance, Enterprise & Tobago Operations at the Connect @ bmobile Technology Conference and Exposition.