Bravo and blink | bmobile, Team-up in Support of the Elderly

Bravo and blink bmobile - (from left) Subesh Ramjattan, Brian Vital, Dwayne Brav
Bravo and blink bmobile - (from left) Subesh Ramjattan, Brian Vital, Dwayne Bravo, Joycelyn Bravo Sween and Gervon Abraham

Port of Spain, Trinidad – November 13th, 2013

blink | bmobile and Dwayne Bravo have partnered to help with the construction of a Senior Citizens’ Housing Community in Sangre Chiquito.

Yesterday, Dwayne and TSTT’s Manager of External Relations and Government Affairs, Gervon Abraham, were on hand to get a first-hand look at some of the work being done to put the finishing touches on Olive’s House, in James Smart Village, Sangre Chiquito.

Olive’s House is a Senior Citizens’ Housing Community that will provide high-quality accommodation to the elderly who may not be able to afford a comparable standard of living elsewhere on their pensions.

It is the brainchild of Subesh Ramjattan and his wife Debra, who decided to use a small gift left by Debra’s grandmother, Olive, to fulfill her dying request that Debra do something with the money “to help the seniors of Trinidad”.

Mr. Ramjattan said that the project has benefitted from the largesse of concerned, generous citizens in Trinidad and Tobago, among them Dwayne Bravo and his sponsor blink | bmobile.

Mr. Bravo and blink | bmobile generously contributed paint for completing the work on the property, which in its initial stages will consist of six independent-living units. These units will accommodate elderly couples who are able to live on their own without assistance. The second stage of the project will provide assisted living facilities for elderly persons who need a helping hand with basic housekeeping, cooking, and other errands, but are unable to afford a live-in companion or regular nurse.

The independent-living units feature all amenities for a couple living on their own, as well as attractive wooden floors, and bathrooms designed especially for safe use by the elderly. A multipurpose area, gym and beauty salon are being constructed on the 2-acre site for the residents of the independent-living units and the assisted living facility; a family room and interdenominational chapel are also under construction.

The property is expected to open on January 25 of next year.

TSTT’s Mr. Abraham said, “Corporate Social Responsibility is very important for blink | bmobile. We focus on youth but…we would extend our activities and support to any cause that we feel is worthwhile, including projects for the elderly.”

Mr. Bravo, who viewed the housing units along with his mother, Joycelyn Bravo Sween, and Olive’s House Director Mr. Brian Vital, mentioned that his mother and his grandmother Lucian Roberts had both worked in facilities for the elderly at one time. Mr. Bravo said, “When I learnt that there was a Home for the elderly to be opened that required my services, it was important for me to help in any way that I could. I hope that soon many people will volunteer and come on board with this project.”

The Senior Citizens’ Residential Community is being built on property adjoining a Home for abandoned children that Mr. Ramjattan also runs. The close proximity of the residential community to the Children’s Home would provide an opportunity for the senior citizens and children to interact, allowing the seniors to become surrogate grandparents, Mr. Ramjattan said.


   1. Standing in one of the completed self-contained units are (from left) Brian Vital, Director of Bridge of Hope; CEO of Olive's House, Subesh Ramjattan; West Indies All Rounder Dwayne Bravo with his mother Joycelyn Bravo Sween and Gervon Abraham TSTT's Manager of External Relations and Government Affairs
   2. Dwayne Bravo shows that Cricket isn’t his only skill