CEO issues apology to employees

TSTT CEO Robert Peon today apologized to the entire staff of the company and to one particular secretary over an incident sparked by the company’s decision to not produce customized carnival t-shirts for employees this year.

Last evening, in an email sent to the CEO, a member of staff, criticized the company for not producing special carnival t-shirts for staff, as has customarily been done at the company’s discretion. The employee also lamented the fact that the company did not notify employees in advance of taking this action. It has come to the company’s attention that this email, and the response from the CEO was circulated to the media.

In his response, Peon chastised the importance given to T-shirts in the overall scheme of things and indirectly called the employee’s action and attitude foolish. He however subsequently acknowledged that while he felt strongly against the culture of ‘entitlement’ that still persisted among some employees, his response was inappropriate. In a personal letter of apology to the staff member involved, Peon said,

“I can honestly say that the email was not intended to reflect on you in a personal way, but displayed frustration with some of the entitlement issues that keep coming up, especially when we have so many challenges facing us as a Company. In fact, with all that is going on right now in our external battles with many parties, my response would likely have been the same even if it was someone from our Executive team who had sent me something of that nature.”

In a separate address to all of the company’s employees the CEO reminded staff of the need to focus on customers first. “Everything we receive, whether its salary, bonuses, t-shirts, bandanas, uniforms, long service awards – everything is possible only to the extent that our customers perceive that we are worthy to be their service provider. We must understand that we do not have any inalienable rights to anything. It can all be gone tomorrow if our customers decide so.”

Mr. Peon said that notwithstanding his frustration, his response was not justified and he unreservedly apologised to the wider body of employees.