Christmas Angels of Cheer Donation Drive

Ms. Elizabeth Spence, Families in Action Managing Director and other team members surrounded by hampers from the donation drive

In an effort to spread love and bring much needed support to less fortunate families across T&T during this season of merriment, the blink I bmobile family united to prepare Christmas hampers for families throughout the nation.

The company collaborated with Non Governmental Organization, Families in Action for the “Angels of Cheer” campaign for Christmas 2012.  Employee volunteers were encouraged to team up in order to put together gift hampers filled with the necessities and goodies of the season so that Families in Action could distribute to those less fortunate and make their Christmas a little brighter.

Volunteers were elated at the opportunity to be a part of this initiative and this was evident by the number of hampers they gathered, making sure that the hampers were overflowing with joy and goodness. In the true spirit of the season, they even gift wrapped each hamper so that families receiving them felt the love that went into putting them together. 

In thanking the staff for their excitement and dedication to this initiative Dianna De Sousa Chief Executive Officer (Ag.) said: “It has been very heartwarming to see the outpouring of support from our Angels of Cheer. We understand how busy most people are during the season so we truly appreciate the effort made to guarantee that these gifts were filled with the joy and goodwill of Christmas.” 

Elizabeth Spence, Managing Director, Families in Action was touched by the kindheartedness of the staff when she saw the presents prepared for her organization: “The generosity of the volunteers and the company is so overwhelming, seeing these beautifully wrapped hampers before me represents the true meaning of Christmas and I am so grateful to the blink | bmobile family for helping us cheer up so many families this season.

The company thanks all members of staff who gave wholeheartedly of their time and other personal resources to make the “Angels of Cheer” initiative a success. The commitment to this project is a true display of the spirit of goodwill that is Christmas.