Dawn cops bmobile $100,000 promotion prize…vows to help less fortunate

DAwn cops - Dawn Prescod is assisted by Naresha Ali - Manager Mobile Marketing
DAwn cops - Dawn Prescod is assisted by Naresha Ali - Manager Mobile Marketing - in displaying her $100,000 cheque

Port of Spain, Trinidad December 11th 2013

Tis’ the season for giving and now that she’s $100, 000 richer, Dawn Prescod intends to spread some Christmas cheer to the less fortunate this Yuletide season.
“I know some people I want to help even if it’s just for the holidays. I want to use the money in a positive way,” she explained.

On Tuesday morning Prescod, the ninth winner of the weekly bmobile You Get More Top Up Sweepstakes Promotion, received the call which she says changed her life.

“I remember the bmobile man asking how my day was going and I told him it was going ok. Then he asked if I would like to have a much better day and I said ‘of course’ and that’s when he said, ‘Congratulations you just won $100, 000.’

“I couldn’t believe it. Something like this happens once in a lifetime. For it to happen to me especially at this time of the year, it’s really something great,” she asserted.
Although she was still a bit skeptical, Prescod, a wrapper operator at Grand Bay Paper Products Limited, said when she came off the phone with the bmobile representative she immediately called her family to relay the good news.

“I contacted my two sisters, my nephew, niece, everybody…then I went to lie down and started to daydream wondering if the call was real or if it was a hoax. When I was getting ready for work that afternoon, bmobile called again to confirm I had won, that’s when I started to exhale.”

An elated Prescod officially met with bmobile representatives at the Company’s Head Office on Edward Street in Port of Spain on Thursday. A bmobile customer “all my life” Prescod said she is thankful to the telecommunications company for her good fortune which she believes could not have come at a better time.

The bmobile Top Up Sweepstakes promotion gives customers the chance to win $100,000 weekly and to qualify for the grand prize of $1,000,000 in December simply by putting a lump sum of one hundred dollars on their account or by making a series of smaller top ups that add up to one hundred dollars. All post-paid bmobile customers qualify to win simply by paying their bills on time and by signing up for one of the new post-paid plans

Dawn Prescod isn’t overly preoccupied with winning the $1,000,000 grand prize, “I don’t want to focus on that $1,000,000 because this has been something that I didn’t expect. I’m just grateful for this $100,000. I feel like it’s a blessing from God. I just want to help people and live my life to be a better person,” she stated.

“With this money, I will also treat myself a little bit, share some with my family and invest and save the rest for the future. Thank you bmobile for giving me that opportunity.”

With bmobile it’s easy to win $100,000. Who knows? Next week, that $100,000 winner could be you.


  1. A beaming Dawn Prescod - 9th Weekly bmobile Sweepstakes Winner
  2. Dawn Prescod presents her $100,000 cheque with assistance from Naresha Ali - Manager Mobile Marketing