Digicel found liable for interconnect equipment

The TATT-appointed Arbitrator, hearing the dispute between TSTT and Digicel over interconnect equipment purchased by TSTT behalf of Digicel has made an initial ruling validating that all of the key equipment acquired by TSTT were legitimately required to facilitate interconnection with Digicel.

The Arbitrator’s ruling on Saturday 15th March dismissed Digicel’s claim that they should only be liable for two specific sets of interconnect equipment. TSTT contended that equipment acquired to interconnect Digicel to an old Switch that would soon be taken out of service should also be paid for by Digicel. “Digicel knew we planned to decommission the switch but still insisted on being interconnected with it so the arbitrator was right to make them liable for that equipment as well.” said Lisa Agard, TSTT’s Vice President of Legal. The arbitrator also made a ruling dismissing Digicel’s claim that they were being made to pay for equipment used by TSTT to interconnect Laqtel.

“Digicel’s failure to accept TSTT’s good faith in all of our dealings with market liberalization has lead to this and several other unnecessary legal conflicts that has singularly contributed to the inordinate delay in the comprehensive opening up of the market” said Ms. Agard.

A second part of the ruling is to be determined at the end of April after a TATT appointed telecoms specialist makes an assessment of the cost of the equipment and the sufficiency a refund TSTT gave to Digicel.