Employees shine at TSTT calypso show

This year’s Calypso Competition has lived up to all expectations and has raised the bar through its grandeur and excellence.

We would like to take the time to thank the hundreds of employees and well-wishers filling the Edward Street Carpark; the Committee, the contestants, guest artistes and everyone involved in making this show a possibility. Without your hard work and continuing support this tradition would be nothing but a mere event.

In now unsettled times, your presence and support has strengthen our faith in our beloved employees and company. On behalf of the Management and the Contestants we thank you.

The 25th anniversary celebration of the TSTT Employees Calypso Competition was truly enjoyed by everyone who attended. The nostalgic reminiscing of the very first show in 1983 coupled with performances of that year’s winning Calypso, Road March, and Panorama set the right mood for the evening. Then came the arrival of the contestants smartly dressed in colourful tropical shirts and straw hats and moving to the sweet sounds of steel.

Colour, glitter, melody and lyrics were the order of the day and the massive crowd was treated to excellent renditions, kaiso after kaiso.

Congratulations to all the participants, especially to our newly crowned Queen Lemour Joseph for the outstanding performance of her calypso, “Last Chance”. She has certainly touched the sky!

Lemour also won the tiles of Best Female Calypsonian, Best Lyrics and Best Self Composed Calypso.

Jimoh J. J. Jackman placed second with his kaiso, “Soccer is it”

The 2007 Monarch, Earl “ D Materialist…For he is I and I am Him” Frederick captured the third place, the Best TSTT Calypso, the Best 25th Anniversary Calypso and the Best Road March. His kaiso is entitled, “25 Alive, Both Kaiso and Company”.

Fourth Place went to Vernon “D Fisherman” Bereaux for his performance of “The No Name Game”.

The other Title winners are:

Best Humourous: Kervan “Professor” Phillip – “Country Driver”

Best Melody: Francis “Fantastic” Brown – “I Can’t Wait”

Best Chutney: Neesha “Neeshy” Mohammed – “Ah Want to know”

Best Groovy Calypso: Kevon “Hartless” Hart – “Let’s Go Dancing”

Tribute was also paid to the past twenty- four Monarchs, The Founders, The Contributors, The Ground Crew, The Chorus Group and the Judges.

One cannot forget the Posses, who were beautifully dressed in the colours that represented their colleague, waving balloons and cheering all night long. Enterprise who was the first Posse to arrive also captured the Best Dressed and 25 Alive was indeed the Most Supportive.

The competition was followed by exciting, energetic performances by several of the nation’s top soca stars and bands who gave the crowd a fore taste of what Carnival 2008 will shape up to be. No one was disappointed.

Congratulations to All for a delightful evening. We wish you all an enjoyable and safe Carnival Season.