Eril Sylvester‐Garcia is showered with a $100,000 Christmas blessing

Eril sylvester-garcia - Eril's prayers were answered when she answered bmobile's
Eril Sylvester-Garcia is showered with a $100,000 Christmas blessing

Port of Spain, Trinidad – December 30th, 2013

For the past 11 weeks, 11 people of varied races, ages and walks of life, have had their lives
transformed with just a simple telephone call from bmobile.

On Christmas Eve 2013, it was Eril Sylvester Garcia’s turn to get the call.

Sylvester‐Garcia is the 12th $100,000 weekly winner of bmobile’s You Get More Top Up
Sweepstakes Promotion, which began in October.

At a time when most people were busy putting finishing touches to herald Christmas,
planning their New Year’s resolutions and counting down the days to a brighter 2014,
Sylvester‐Garcia was counting her blessings for 2013.

The mother of three stated that winning the money was a clear reminder that God answers
prayers. Sylvester‐Garcia also expressed that her winning came as a big surprise, and that she
already knows how she will be spending her blessed bounty.

“I intend to pay off my bills and loans, and since my family is also in the process of building
our house, this reward will come in handy,” she stated.

Sylvester‐Garcia says she was busy doing housework on Christmas Eve when she received the
good news from bmobile.

The San Juan resident notes that while she was elated and thankful for winning the money, it
was only when she visited TSTT’s Head Office on Edward Street, Port‐of‐Spain, on December
27th, and was presented with her cheque by TSTT’s Acting EVP Mobile Services, Nigel Forde,
that reality finally sunk in.

“Wow. This is really happening to me!” she gushed. “I thank God for this. If it wasn’t for Him
none of this would be possible. You know sometimes you have so many things to do and you
wonder where the money is coming from. But He always opens a way for me.”

The 39‐year‐old says she has been a bmobile customer ever since she got her first cellular
phone as a teenager and remains thankful to the telecommunications company for making
her Christmas Season brighter.

“Thank you bmobile for your generosity and service to your customers; this is a company
that truly cares,” Sylvester‐Garcia said.


Eril’s prayers were answered when she answered bmobile’s call to top up and win.