Helping his Community, a Priority for blink | bmobile Executive Bashir Mohammed

Bashir Mohammed VP Rotary Princes Town presents Abdul Raheem Mohammed of  ASJA B
Bashir Mohammed VP Rotary Princes Town presents Abdul Raheem Mohammed of ASJA Boys with a additional scholarship
Helping his Community, a Priority for blink | bmobile Executive Bashir Mohammed 
Port of Spain, Trinidad January 29th 2014 
They say your ‘why’ is more important than your ‘what’. But for Bashir Mohammed, Executive Vice President of Corporate Support Services at blink | bmobile and President of the Princes Town Rotary Club, there is no ‘why’. Making a contribution to society is critical simply because, according to him, it’s in his DNA. Giving back he says, is second nature for him. “I never gave any thought as to why I give back, it’s just who I am. I guess you can say that I just love seeing people genuinely happy when you do something for them.” 
For the past 9 years, Mohammed has been a member of the Princes Town Rotary Club, where he is serving his second term as President. For the past 21 years, he has been an employee at blink | bmobile, where he has found the corporate environment at the Company extremely conducive to his own charitable philosophies. “Being someone who has always been involved in helpingothers, I felt at home at blink | bmobile where volunteerism and contributing to the development of youth is consistently promoted by our blink | bmobile Foundation” he said. 
Working with the Princes Town Rotary Club was an ideal choice for the Princes Town native whose charitable disposition sees him and his family getting together to help those in need at least twice a year. “We do like to help society and we primarily look at helping to develop communities to improve their way of life. Rotary formalized that philosophy of mine.” 
The Rotary Club is well known for its charitable work both locally and internationally, and it encourages members to contribute to positive changes in society no matter how small. “We recognize that there are challenges facing the society. In the past, the village raised the children, and we hope that our involvement can help to foster a better society by returning to that value of shared responsibility for our community,” he said. 
Under Mohammed’s leadership, the Club holds at least four fundraising events each year to support a number of causes including polio eradication and raising diabetes awareness. One of these events is a ‘Choka’ Fest, held in the first quarter of the Club’s financial year, from which all proceeds go towards its annual Vocational Awards Programme. This year’s function was held on Saturday 25th January at the Ste. Madeleine Regional Complex. 
The programme is meant to recognize all primary school students from Princes Town and environs who scored 90 and above in last year’s SEA examination as well as CAPE and CXC students who excelled in their final exams and provide financial grants to students pursuing their tertiary education. 
The awards will be given based on need and Mohammed shared that over the years, the students who have been recipients of the financial aid often give back through the Rotary Club by volunteering their time and skills towards helping others. This “pay it forward” pattern is precisely what Mohammed strives for by his efforts. 
So far, it has paid off and the Rotary Club now benefits from the services of many doctors, lawyers and dentists etc. who volunteer their time in the various educational and fundraising activities which it hosts. 

Caption: Sherry Rambadan - Naparima Girls College - receives her Additional Scholarship offer from Bashir Mohammed VP Rotary Princes Town 
Caption: Sachin Moosay - Naparima Boy College is presented with an open scholarship by Bashir Mohammed VP Rotary Princes Town