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blink | bmobile's Damian Ali, demonstrating the use of the Videoconferencing Technology
Fazal Karim lauds blink | bmobile for its innovation at First Gigabit Community 
Minister of Tertiary Education and Skills Training, Fazal Karim has showered praises on blink | bmobile for its innovation in technology at the recent unveiling of the first Gigabit Community at a residential development in Chaguanas. 
The Gigabit Community is the first of its kind in the English-speaking Caribbean and falls in line with blink | bmobile’s goal of establishing itself as the leader in Information Communication Technology (ICT) in the region. 
So advanced is Gigabit technology that only a few communities in the entire United States of America can boast of having it and, just last year, the US Federal Communications Commission launched an ambitious programme to promote the deployment of at least one Gigabit Community in each of the fifty states by 2015. 
The unveiling demonstrated the many capabilities of the new technology, which provides Internet speeds of up to one Gigabit per second (Gbps) – more than 100 times faster than average broadband speeds. 
At one Gigabit per second, users will be able to transfer data equivalent to using 100 DVD players at the same time, download 125,000 basic emails or 250 emails with large attachments, download 25 songs and play online games and stream movies with zero lag. 
Manager of External Relations and Government Affairs, Gervon Abraham in making the presentation, demonstrated that the technology indeed has far-reaching possibilities in areas such as security, leisure, education, entertainment and for simply adding efficiency to everyday activities. 
Minister Karim, speaking on the presentation, noted that such technology is already being utilized in countries such as Singapore and while urging blink | bmobile to look at what is already being done elsewhere, commended the Company for taking the first step to being ahead in the technology game locally, and providing technology that could change the way students learn at tertiary level institutions. 
Karim said he can definitely see his Ministry implementing blink | bmobile’s technology in the everyday running of many campuses around the country, noting that more tertiary level institutions should consider implementing some of the services being offered by blink | bmobile. 
He made specific mention of the Education City at the University of the West Indies, St Augustine, where he believed the technology would be useful, as well as at the many facilities that are going to be developed in Central T&T such as the Ministry of Tertiary Education and Skills Training, a new UWI Open Campus, a main COSTATT Campus and an integrated facility which will house NESC, YTEPP and MIC. 
George Hill Ag. CEO of TSTT expressed the fact that “If you look at what we thought was satisfactory 10 years ago for computer speeds, memory, websites, applications, devices and the like, you quickly realise that compared to today, 10 years ago was almost like the Stone Age. Today, while we can scarcely imagine what gigabit connectivity can inspire, we do know that through these proof-of-concept projects, Trinidad and Tobago will be more than ready WHEN, not IF, it becomes a norm.” 
The Minister further welcomed discussions on the aggressive, early implementation of the Gigabit technology in new developments being undertaken by his Ministry.